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Error message

Deprecated function: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in remember_me_form_alter() (line 78 of /var/www/

item modifier count

I tried to change the number of modifiers on the item (file pcontent.gas), but it does not want to become more than 4. It is written that this function is called in pcontent.cpp, but I cannot find such a file. Can something be done about it?

int calc_modifier_count$( ePContentType type$ )
int count$ = 0;
if ( item_class$ == rare )
count$ = GoMath.RandomInt( 4 )+4;
else // Non-Rare Item: 0-2 Modifiers
count$ = GoMath.RandomInt( 4 );

return ( count$ );

cpp is a c++ programming source code file extension so it refers to a value that is hardcoded in the game's executable.

even if u could hack the game's executable and change the value successfully, there is still the issue that the game's savefile format may be designed to only save 4 pcontent modifiers for items. any more are ignored or may crash the game from an overflow error as it doesnt expect more than 4. so modifying the game's save file format may also be needed if u want more than 4 pcontent modifiers on items. so unless u have the game's source code this doesnt appear to be possible to do.