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The original 3rd-party map WOWH (World of Warriors of Hell), revisited.
- Fixed conversations of Gothar & Jarola, some annoying camera-blocking terrain, doors
- Made Veteran & Elite world levels actually work
- Translated to English (with optional German translation)

Seems I forgot to create a forum topic for WOWH, which I usually do for all my maps/mods, even if it's just a small edit of a small map.

I'm currently making a few overview maps, and I've made one for WOWH so here you go:

Been looking about and killing things around forest house. Thank for the work translating and fixing thing. This is fun so far.

A great little map, wish it was bigger Sad

I did a playthru / showcase of WOWH on YouTube:

foerstj wrote:

I did a playthru / showcase of WOWH on YouTube:

Thank you foerstj now I am sure I found everything.