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Ask GPG questions about SpaceSiege...

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SegaDawg over at the Sega forums has asked for questions to possibly add to their GPG interview scheduled for next week. I've already asked a few, but if you're interested, get your Q's in now. Smile

If you want to suggest a question here, I might transpose it over onto the Sega forums, but I guarantee nothing (i.e. it would probably be best if you posted your Q's directly on the Sega forums...). Wink

Please ask this:

- How will they prevent cheating in Multiplayer? a) generally, b) if there is PvP, c) if SS would feature PvP and moddability.

- Supposed GPG will release a SSE (Space Siege Editor ;)) to make own spaceship-maps will the handling of that tool as complicated as for SE1/2?

- Will there be a explicit optimization for multi-core CPUs? Is it recommanded (required) to have SLI twin cards or an additional PhysX card?

- What copy protection will be used? - Tages, SafeDisc, StarForce, SecuRom, or a custom version or maybe a CD-Key tied on an online account?


Pers. remark:
- PvP and moddabiliy really may have some long-time attraction, however consider once the online situation for DS1, many chars are edited and most online games are modified/cheated in any way - i doubt that this is a desiderable state.
- I had the impression DS2 doesn't profit a lot form a dual core CPU or from SLI - thus i hope they tune the engine.
- Hopefully GPG will uses a copy protection method that affects my PC as little as possible, even now i can't install many newer games...

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You've duplicated some of the things I'm concerned about too... great minds think alike I guess. Laughing out loud

I've asked a question about the CRC / griefers already. Smile

I've asked about a modding tool kit too. Smile

I asked about system requirements, but didn't ask about specifics... with the game at least a year from release I'm thinking it's a bit early for such details to be known for sure. Stare

Copy protection is something that is outside the control of the developer... that's the publisher's (Sega's) responsibility. Either way, I doubt any answers would be forthcoming on this subject... they'd want to keep this a secret, and such decisions would be meaningless if a newer CP technology is developed before the game is released.

There's a rather intelligent discussion on the Sega forums about PvP... I added my concerns over griefer tactics there. Someone has asked the PvP question and linked to that thread for reference. Smile


All that being said, signing up for the Sega forums is quick & free, and if you want to lend your voice to mine with these concerns, feel free to add your Q's to the linked thread. Smile

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How much of the game features will be hard-coded? Would be nice if nothing about the game is. That way modding can really improve replay value.