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Maximum Security: 94 Essential Tips for Staying Safe (PCMag)

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I haven't read the whole article yet (today's PC Magazine Tip of the Day), but I've read enough to see that this is a good general starting point for safer computing in today's world. Covers most of the major issues...,1895,1880244,00.asp

Topics include:
• System Security
• Network & Wireless Security
• E-mail Security
• Web-Browsing Security
• Anti-Malware Security
• Mobile Security
• Powerful Passwords
• Web Resources for Getting Rid of Malware

nice one, Sharkull... you can never be too careful!! :stop:

- its quite an entertaining read, actually...

I like the John C. Dvorak item...,1895,1891782,00.asp

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Here's another PCMag article titled: 80 Super Security Tips,1895,1838690,00.asp