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DS2 Toolkit


The toolkit for modding Dungeon Siege 2.

It contains:

tools and patches: 


Perhaps this may help some people to finally save a second or two...:

It seems the AnimViewer in the toolkit was only made to show PSD files (for example when you press Shift+m) although it also would accept RAW (from DS1), DDS and BMP usually too as texture files.

As simple work-around to show all (graphic) files in a folder it's possible to edit some characters in the AnimViewer with a hex-editor. Simply open the DS2AnimViewer.exe file and search it for the term 'b_t_*' (without quotes), right in front of it there is the character sequence 'PSD', replace with '*.*' and save the file. No really elegant tuning tough but rather easy to realize.

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Experiencing massive failure of my siege editor2...

First, I got a string of errors headed GPcore Error Failure:

DUPLICATE command definitions for command[broadcastmessagedatadelay]!
Duplicate flick names detected! name[ut_intro_nis]

Ignoring the second one.
Duplicate template detected: 'potion' is already in content database
Cannot specialize nonexistent field 'can_turn_and_move' at fuel 'world:contentdb:templates:actors:evil:dsloa_locale:base_dsx_lostqueen_tail:body'
Failure to specialize component 'body' in template 'base_dsx_lostqueen_tail' at fuel 'world:contentdb:templates:actors:evil:dsloa_locale:base_dsx_lostqueen_tail:body'
Template 'emitter_cicatrix_reward_mp' uses nonexistent component 'generator_multiple_mp' at fuel 'world:contentdb:templates:interactive:emitter_cicatrix_reward_mp:generator_multiple_mp'

when I press the [b]Ignore Always[b] button, the next shows up, if I ignore once, another of the same pops up...

When I get to the editor itself, the loading graphic doesn't disappear, and nothing will load.

I had this working when I first got it, but now it's broken...

Re-installing doesn't help, re-downloading doesn't help, my DS2 is patched to V2.2, I feel helpless. Sad

Before posting this, I removed all my mods, just to make sure, and this did get rid of all the error messages, but the loading graphic still won't go away and nothing will load.

I'm re-downloading the patcher and will update when I've re-run that. hopefully this works!


uninstalling and re-installing SiegeEditor again...

No change...

I'm gonna sit n wait with it a while, because the loading cursor is showing when I hover my mouse inside the window.

Sad no change. I could use some help here. does anyone know what's going on?

Warnings + error messages with DS2Mod... - it's rather normal than the exception. Key is to know which complaints can/should be solved and which message are just a notification for something you can't (or shouldn't) change (again, specially if there are mods in the resoures forlder).

However, here GPG's official Toolkit Notes with a list of the start parameters. Perhaps this will help a bit.

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Whew, I've a minute left on my DSTK DL from another site, and the thing loads. Removing the DS1 in DS2 mods got rid of all the error messages, and somehow, This Time, the editor loaded. I think it's trying to make me look foolish!

(do a pretty good job of that on my own, thank you!)

Appreciate the response tho, I'm glad to see the garage is somewhere!

I'm not seeing any link anymore to download this.

The download has been updated so you should be able to download it now


Hats off to you, for being right on top of it.
You deserve cookies.

I re-bought DS2 on steam (I lost disc 1 of the original copy when moving! D; ) and I can't find a mod to make a custom party (also D; ) so I want to see if I can just mod in hireable characters. I've tried moving around the installed files, but I'm not having any luck. Whenever I try to launch DS2TK-1.1 it says:

Dungeon Siege II does not appear to be installed on this machine! Please install and continue.

I have DS2TK in the same folder as Dungeon Siege, and I've tried moving around where the file is located, but I'm guessing it's trying to find it in a specific directory. Does anyone know what to do? God I hope someone manages to read this in 2017...

the steam version is different, so doubt the toolkit will work with steam

There are many reasons why the Dungeon Siege 2 Tool Kit does not work with the Steam Version of DS2.
1. The version number that the steam game uses is 2.3 and not 2.2
2. The tool kit does not expect ds2 to be located where steam puts it.
I have not found a why to get the two to work with each other.
If you still had the original DS2 on your computer you could use a patched DS2.exe tht would allow you to boot without CD 1.
You might try using Tank Viewer 2 and Tank Creator 2 to do the same as the tool kit. As I know this works


Well that's disheartening. Sadly I don't have the game installed on this PC.
Damn, that's a harsh blow. I wanted to get a custom party in for a youtube series I'm doing with some friends where we put ourselves in a game that's singleplayer and one of us is controlling everyone.
I don't suppose you know of anything like that? I'd prefer it to be DS2 since spellcasting (And combat in general) is more refined in that game.

There are many members of the site and a few dozen of us still modding DS1, DSLoA, DS2 and broken world. Why don't you register, so that I do not have to find your posts and publish them for you. That way more people can see what you post when you post it. Also being an active member more people will be willing to try to solve your problems.

You said "Sadly I don't have the game installed on this PC." so that must mean you have it installed on some pc. If that is the case, there is a way that you could transfer the files, edit the registry of the current computer, patch the ds2.exe and get the game working on the computer you are currently using. I have done that many times do to system crashes. Now I back up at least all my dungeon siege stuff, and keep duplicate files on external hard drives.

did you know that you can get a copy of almost any version of Dungeon Siege on CDs or DVD for under 10 dollars on places like Amazon? Just google Dungeon Siege 2 CDs New or something along those lines. I found a DVD that had all four games for under 30 dollars. Holding that in reserve just in case the world crashes


Sadly the last PC it was installed on is gone. I guess I could start an account, but I'm not all that huge into the DS modding scene. I'm kind of here as a visitor... Also I had no clue you could find it on Amazon, so... I guess I'm doing that then. But if you can think of anyone who'd be willing to make me a character editor, sure I'll get an account, but as I understand it modders generally have their schedules full with their own projects.

(But really maybe I'll just make an account to not deal with these eye-strain captchas >_> )