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Should old acquaintance be forgot?

Happy New Year everybody and may 2007 bring health, happiness and good fortune. Here's a toast to all the new friends I made in 2006 and looking forward to the friends I will meet in 2007. Cheers!


..just completed DS2

Well, it took me over a year to finally get round to doing it... but boy, what a sense of achievement!

Now, whenever I get shoddy service in shops or restaurants, I shall stand up and proclaim loudly, in my most imperious-sounding voice..

"How dare you - do you realize you are dealing with the person who defeated Valdis!!?"

- arf, arf!! :woot:

Holliday Cheer

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Holiday season.


..from Beyond the Blue Havens

- Happy Christmas (2006) to one and all! :woot:

- Andrew (- one of the elflings..) bought himself a prezzie yesterday - the deluxe boxed version of Dungeon Siege 2 - it looks beautiful, and now I want one!

..seriously, though it does look very well put together, the artwork is ace and it looks brilliant on the games shelf.. it comes with a map showing all the lands - the Utraean Peninsula, Ehb and everything.. this game certainly covers some ground - the over all playing area is immense!!

- I'm really looking forward to getting started in Broken World, I've had the game for weeks and weeks, but have not yet started it..

variable testing code

Attached is the text file that contains the variable test blocks.

Time for tea

A while back I had downloaded gmax and started playing with it. Pretty fun, sort of cyber playdoh. I made the 'n00b" mace, the first project but decided it looked much too drab. I made another, somehow got it pink and instead of spikes it had rows of pink teapots on it. Now, mind you, this was back in March. I had to re-download the program because it went kapooey along with some other stuff on another computer.

So. I guess in the coming weeks I will be playing around with it....along with trying to gather some learning materials to make some models and maybe some armor. I know this will take awhile, but I gots me some smarts, so methinks I can do it....eventually. If any other experienced folks have any suggestions, comments, offers of electronic handholdong, nagging ect.. please feel free to let me know. I know I have lots to learn. Periodically, I may post some pics so you guys can fall over laughing at them and at their creator, "Queen n00blet".

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1st Blog-Ideas

As I have seen Kathy pushing Sol to get some of those tutorials( you go girl!) I have started developing idea to make armor for either DSI or II. Mapping just about killed me on DSII since its pretty difficult with out much skill. The only ideas right now for armor our the Mario Brothers outfits and Master Chief from Halo. For Master Chief I was just planning to rewire a helm but, I still got alot to learn so off I go!
Shadow Smile


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