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Registrar Transfer Complete!

The transfer has been completed and the DNS settings transferred with it, so yay!


Blunder Storm?

I am starting to worry about my sanity! I started a new Game of "Kingdom of Ehb" -- I am using Cat Mansion Adepts and Legends of Utrae -- I am wondering if you see the same things as me playing without CMA and LoU. I arrive in Stonebride and when I arrive in the center of town I speak to the townswoman standing at the water pump.

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Save File

Anyone have a 100% save file that will work on DS2 steam? I moved states and don't have all my things yet, or I'd have my hard drive and retail copy of DS2 and could load one of those saves. I've picked up another "Build Kalrathia" project, this time in Conan Exiles. But I need to be able to move around Kalrathia at my own leisure (or at least acquire a huge series of screenshots from every possible angle in every building and wall) and the saves I've found online don't seem to be picked up by Steam DS2.


Yes it's me

Dog goes Sniff Sniff and Bare Elf says "Yes it is me please quit sniffing my butt."

Dog replies, "In the game you keep changing your skin and hair colors so I do need to verify I am with the right Elf."



Monster Mash and Shields. (lotsa screenshots)

I took some screenshots of that Monster Mod from a few weeks ago. I *really* wish I could find Iryan's playable monster mod. I remember it as being really fun. Anyway...


18 feet in LoA

Started a new game in the Legends of Aranna. We are currently ready to go take Lyssa her bow. Why 18 feet? Fire Dancer and her wolf flame, Jondar and his wolf Cotton Candy, Chiara and her wolf Sandy. The Foot Count is 18. Chiara is one of the extra characters added by the Legends of Utrae mod. More later and maybe a few screen shots once I find them some armor. Big smile



Playing with DS2 Wolfies (v8)

Hi DE,
I decided to try out the DS2 Wolves. They are very cool and I have in my party both blacky and snowy. Using my test map I fed them until they where unable to eat another bite. When full grown I did find them a bit overwhelming, do to their size. They are taller than my Human and Dryad characters.
Not an issue because the bad guys take one look and quickly run away or hide



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