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What social sites/services do you use?

poll description: 
Pick the option you use most frequently and give the details in the comments below. Feel free to comment on any other options that also fit, or the value or lack of value of the social web.
video blog - like Youtube
19% (6 votes)
blog/tumblog - like Blogger or Tumblr
6% (2 votes)
microblog - like Twitter
6% (2 votes)
social bookmarking - like Delicious
0% (0 votes)
social community - like Facebook
39% (12 votes)
29% (9 votes)
Total votes: 31


This might not seem very DS-related but it has to do with an idea I have for a DS portal. I'm hoping to make this a summer project if time allows. The portal would pull in information on DS from other sites and services. It's just because I want to learn how to do it but it might benefit those last DS gamers and modders out there.

For the list....YouTube. I also use (or have used) X-Fire and now Ventrilo.

All the options you list seem (to me) to be aimed at the "5000 texts a day" teenage crowd. Short attention span, sound-bite, no-depth stuff. Old farts like us take things slower (because we have to!) and work on long-term projects - which come out late - so we're not so much into "what's going on now?".

But don't let me stop you doing a "latest news" aggregator just for the fun of doing one, as long as it turns into a new DS mod when you're finished.

Sharkull's picture

Maybe I'm stuck in the dark ages, but I don't really use any of those type of social sites... I still prefer forums. Smile

I can understand the draw of social networking on the 'net, but I still have concerns over identity theft and privacy issues, so anonymity is pretty much mandatory (negating some of the more significant potential benefits).

Maybe I should have explained how broad my options really where. This site would go under social community since we have forums, pm:s, blogs, etc. I also consider IM and IRC social media. Social community was really poor wording too... Don't know what to call sites like this and facebook though. Facebook goes a lot further too with all the extra applications, status update and stuff but I still put it in the same group as

I think using media like this is really great for getting stuff out there since the flow of information can go two ways. If someone like Phoenix posts DS videos to YouTube, great way to show of a mod, those there will see it. And at the same time we can use Youtube's API to bring content here bringing the islands of DS related stuff to one place. If DS3 ever comes out, it would be great to have a working platform like that. And it can all be done relatively anonymously, as anonymous as you can actually be on the net.

@ghastley - Haha. How about getting aggregated DS news directly in the game? ^^

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Blog (see my site), Microblog (twitter and identica, see my site or just look me up under my handel), IM (pretty much all of em, see my profile), IRC (of course), forums, social community (LinkedIn, but I won't touch places like myspace/facebook).

I'm easy to find. :P