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An armor mod

Here is some ideas for an armor mod that bare_elf (Lili) and I are collaborating on. For right now this is for DS1, but with potential for DS2. I guess for now it is called "Kathycf and Bare Elf Armor". I only started playing Dungeon Siege 1 this past August, after getting it as a belated birthday present. I slowly and surely became totally addicted to it, but while playing I always thought how the armor was just too bland and obviously unisex. I really am a bit of a fashion victim and I wanted my characters to have some more flair to them. I wished I could put new clothes on all of the females, but never thought I could.

Being a total n00b, I never even knew there were mods available for DS1 until like, February. Then I downloaded a whole bunch and one of them was Lili's "Girl Armor" and it was totally awesome. But I still had ideas roaming around my brain and Lili has kindly offered to do the coding for me, plus she has some really cute and fun items of her own to add. For right now, I am just going to post only a few pictures, but I would recommend a visit to Herena Forge to visit the forum and image gallery to view all the things. Smile

This is an armor that Lili made based on a concept and fabric that I submitted. I think she has done a great job with it.

This is a recent sketch I did called "Rouge" I make no claims on being an artist!

Here is another called "Absinthe" I also have fabric samples for these 2 in the image gallery at Herena Forge.

I have another design for a mage's robe. It is the only one of my designs that is kinda "racy" (maybe PG13) so I will leave the URL and you can view it. It is called "Hecate" after the goddess, who was one of the lunar goddesses in Mythology and was also known for sorcery and witchcraft. She has a bad reputation, but I think she just got a bum deal.

These next few designs will probably look a little weird. Here is the background on them. My bestfriend has a little girl named Ava, who I just love to pieces. She has a Barbie doll and I thought since I have some spare time right now (taking the semester off from school, only do my volunteer stuff a few days a month) well anyway, I thought I would sew some Barbie outfits for Ava to play with. I went to the dollar store and got a couple of "Pretty Polly" dolls to model the stuff on and it looked like it would make some cool armor.
I just have temporary names for these, the dress is called "Zippy" and the other is "Wild Thing".

This one is called "Nite Fever" because it sort of looks like something from the movie Saturday Night Fever, ie "Disco Era"

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Well, my character in DS tends to be male....and I don't tend to wear women's clothes in real life, but I think more armor needs to be used all-around, not just for female characters.

I'd love to see knight armor in white with a red cross on it, like the crusader knights had.

Well, LK, wearing women's clothes in real life isn't quite the same as playing DS...;).

Lili and I are pretty much working on stuff for females, but what you describe sounds very interesting. Is it something like this? If so, I think this would be a pretty easy one to do, it looks like Armor type 7 (robe) and would just need a different er, "skin" I guess. Although I don't believe a seperate cloak would be possible.

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Yes, I do mean that, but it's not as kick arse looking as this one, which I'd prefer to go into battle in:

Hmmm, ok. I copied the picture and posted it in the forum at Herena Forge. Looks suitably butt-kicking. Smile I don't think Lili makes shields though, although that one does look pretty nice.

Here are some screenshots of more of the armor Lili and I are working on:

Lili's Fireworks

Few more armor pics:

Here are some of the things on Catmansion girls. I think the soup can that Lili made looks wicked cute.

Ok, Lone Knight: You talk, I listen (so to speak, you type, I read sounds dumb) Lili whipped this up today.

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Woot! That's all I can say. Nice looking, though is it possible to make them appear more like a holy cross? I say, they do look very good, though. I'll PM you about it.

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i would much rather prefer to go into battle wearing something elegant, to enhance my spellcasting.
like this

Templarian Arch Sorcerer wrote:
i would much rather prefer to go into battle wearing something elegant, to enhance my spellcasting.
like this

Is that an existing robe, TAS? or is it something from a mod? It looks nice, it appears (unless I am mistaken) to have the milky way on the front. I also like elegance, but my beef is that a robe may display that way on a male character (because one really doesn't want a male mage to look "frou frou" Wink ) bur IMO makes the females look a little frumpy.

BTW, thanks for the PM Lone Knight, I will forward it to Lili Smile

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It is my robe of choice, and it is rarely seen in DS. (athough it exists)

It is the milky way on the front of the robe, and the stats for it are (im not kidding, hiroth spit this out)

"Warring Robe of the Ram"
+9 to Combat magic
+163 to health
Defence = 69
requires 48 intelligence
was very expensive Wink

It looks like something that the archmage of Faerun would wear :P

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You mean Falrean, in Ehb?

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LoneKnight wrote:
You mean Falrean, in Ehb?

No, in Baudar's gate 2, the land is known as Faerun. The archmage of Faerun wears something very elegant too.

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Oh I see. Heheeh. Go to the Forge to get more pics on this mod.

I have a small mod called "Chilltown" and one of the vendors sells all the robes available in DS1, but with no magical enhancements of any kind, because I think those are randomly generated in game ( I THINK...I could be wrong on that point ) . Anyway, I bought the robe that TAS was talking about just for fun :P

Here is a brief undate on the armor mod, although as LoneKnight suggest, go to the Forge to view the forum and image gallery. Clever miss Elf (Lili, aka bare_elf) has made a stylin' shield to go with the Knight Templar armor!

Ok, here is my latest contribution:

Celtic Interlace, Celtic knots...

I am of Irish descent, and I developed an interest a long time ago in the culture and artwork of Ireland. I was lucky enough to be able to travel a few times to both Ireland and England as well, visiting relatives and sightseeing.

Celtic interlace is one of the most commonly used motifs in Irish art and early uses of interlace date back to the Bronze age. Commonly geometric designs are used, but images of plants and animals can also be interwoven. I think it looks really cool.

I thought it would make a nice robe, or armor of the same type as to the Knight Templar one.

There actually is a robe in DS that uses interlace design, and it is pretty nice, but not particularly colorful, just kind of a cream color and green.

Symbolism and meaning of interlace:

In Brigit's Feast (Vol. 2 No. 1, pp. 9, 11) Frank Mills writes...

"The interlaced patterns with their unbroken lines symbolize humankind's pilgrimage, both as a quest to return to our divine source and our spiritual growth as we move along in the quest. The pattern is to be mentally unraveled, which, while occupying the mind with a repetitive task, creates a deeper concentration enabling us "to see." In this it is akin to the use of a mantra or rosary beads. "

...though in a footnote he says...

" It must be remembered that in our interpretation of Celtic art we cannot know the mind of the ancient Celts who developed these forms, thus the best we can do is to hopefully 'read between the lines' correctly and make some educated guesses. "

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The Celtic Cross pwns.

Is that good? Wink
New updates at the Forge.