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RTC (Rapid Tank Creator) 2

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Just so there will be no misunderstandings.
The RTC.exe has not been tampered with in any way. TankCreator2 does not use a
cracked or patch version of the Rapid Tank Creator. The TankCreator2 is designed
in the image of the first TankCreator, but thats where the similarity ends.
Here is how it works:
TankCreator2 uses the RTC.exe to make a Dungeon Siege 1 (.dsres) tankfile and
converts it into a Dungeon Siege 2 (.ds2res) tankfile afterwards.
Carsten Lervad (aka Zhixalom).

bare_elf wrote:
Please Note that RTC.exe which is part of the Rapid Tank Creator Programs is often seen as a Trojan Horse Virus by anti-virus programs created or updated after 2013. RTC.exe has been used to create tank files since it was first released over 10 years ago without problems or issues almost every mod created for DS1 and DS2 has used it. If you have an issue downloading the file or using the program to create a DS2 tank file, just disable your anti-virus program while downloading it or using it. You can use your anti-virus program to scan the resulting tank file if you wish but it will not report the tank file is infected.

tools and patches: 


Feel free to delete this comment once this is settled and all, but, I'm getting a Trojan warning from my antivirus whenever I actually try to create a tank..

ignore the Trojan warning, we all here at siegetheday have been using RTC 2 for years, deactivate antivirus to use RTC and turn antivirus back on after making the tank.

Okay, it's good to know that the download hadn't been compromised in any way.
I just never heard mentioning of it ever showing up as Trojan by antivirus software, or that you'd have to disable it for it to work, so I was a wee worried. I figured that's what it was, but I just had to be sure.

How does one disable Avast?

:? Insane Dwarf

According to the Avast manual you can disable the program as follows:

Avast “System Tray” Icon
The orange avast! icon located in your computer’s system tray can be used to access various features without opening the main user interface. If you right-click on the avast! icon, a short menu will appear.
You can choose to open the main interface and use the program as normal, or select any of the other options directly from the menu.
• By selecting “avast! shields control”, you can turn off all of the shields permanently, or for just the selected period of time.

In most cases the 10 minute disable should work.


Glad to see an update on this post to ensure no further confusions. Wouldn't want to ward off potential mod-makers with the threat of Trojans.. Oft times some people aren't as curious as me and when they see mention of a virus they immediately say 'screw it' and walk away without investigating the matter.

Although I've been pondering this a while and I can't figure out, why DOES it show as Trojan? I would imagine that making and converting any type of secure program-influenced file (.DS2RES, .BSA, etc.) would reach deeper in the system than standard tasks do in order to do it. But even then, it doesn't make much sense to me. I realise it's just a fluke somewhere in the code that conflicts with modern-day antivirus, but how does creating a tank resemble a Trojan virus?

Or I suppose a more... 'correct' question is; what Trojan virus resembles the tank making process?