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Hotfix Mod / Aranna Legacy Mod

I hope nobody has something against when i'm opening here a thread about the Hotfix Mod resp. Aranna Legacy Mod, but GPG's garage forum has widely lost its clearness and reliability due the flood of spam there.

So this thread here is rather intended to catch (rescue?) all GPG 'fugitives' than to start a new modding offensive. So many years have passed since the game was released and personal priorities have changed since then partially too - however, for the time being smaller bugs or lacks (probably) still will be fixed.


Mod download:

Hotfix Mod, Beta 5p (22.3MB, for DS2 base version, ReadMe)

Aranna Legacy Mod, Alpha 4a (25.5MB, for DS2 Broken World addon, ReadMe)

Note maybe:
- The Aranna Legacy mod is basically the same as the Hotfix mod, but the Aranna Legacy mod
  contains some additional fixes and tunings specially for the Broken World addon (v2.3/BW).
- If you don't like to read the entire ReadMe file right now, there's also a shorter overview online.


About 1):
Could you pease send me your savegame at warhound;supporthispeed:ch so I could take a loser look?
Since it seems to be a 'session-crossing' matter there must be anything permanent(ly saved)...
A list of all your mods used currently would help too to find an answer.

About 2):
That's hard to say why... note maybe, there is a mode of this mod (the map configuration may influence this) where it's intended that you do not get any exp jewels - by using the normal exp system.
However the normal exp system may leave some exp on the monsters when they are killed and if they were level-adjusted before - this exp left you will get at exp jewels (nonetheless). least this could be one explanation for your observation.

About 3):
The level 300 mod is not supported (anymore/currently). Too many functions and quest scripts may rely on the (original) fact that the maximim level is (around) level 100.
I also have some concerns about the item system - in the orginal game that maximum item level was between 90-100, and so it would start dropping the same items again and again as soon as one was (significantly) above level 100.
Of course a modder could add new items for level 100-300 but I am not sure how far this is the case here - and 'streching' the exsting item system so one would get a specific item at level 270 instead of 90 isn't probalby so attractive either.

I don't think new items for level 100+ characters would be necessary to overcome the monsters' appropriately raised difficulty. The whole point of going beyond level 100 is in taking universally usefull skills from other skill trees (like Toughness and Fortitude), and the combination of all those skills should be enough of a boost. Although, if anyone does make new items, I would certainly try them out.

My save game with mods attached:

Um the download link doesnt seem to work for me for some reason. just says its not found when i try to download it

Anonymous wrote:
Um the download link doesnt seem to work for me for some reason. just says its not found when i try to download it
Thanks for the message - however now it should work again!(?)

I just wanted to let you know that Aranna Legacy mod, alpha 3z link doesn't work, Hotfix Mod, beta 5o works.

Both links work perfectly!!

Edit: try with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ...

It also downloads perfectly using Opera and Apple Safari for Windows. I also tried downloading with my Android Smart Phone. Did not finish the download with my phone, as I need to save on data usage.

The stars have aligned favorably, the time has come to make my death knight character in DS2. Or so I thought. You see, in every rpg I play I usually build something that wears the heaviest armor, wields a huge axe and some dark magic to debuff the enemy and summon undead minions. With the Legacy Mod providing the melee/combat mage dual class (via Rendig Auras) and the Legendary Mod giving the summonable undead, all this seemed possible. Still mostly does.
I imagined my toon as a tank that relies heavily on high dodge chance and stun capability. Except the stun doesn't work. Is it just me or the melee skill Smite is completely broken?
Reinstalled the game. Without any mod the skill works as intended. Putting the Legacy Mod in place the skill dies. Would someone look into this?
By the way awesome mod! I really love the changes.

Give the author of the mod a little time to get back to you. He visits a few times a month when life in the real world allows. The remainder of us are currently working out some other bugs with the software upgrade of the site.
Bare Elf Elf

I wasn't expecting such a fast reply. It is nice to see there are people who still care about good old games.

I'll give him the time. Patience is my middle name after all Smile

@Xio: Thank you for your feedback! Smile
And you are right, the 'Smite' skill is currently not working as it should be. Sad
Something essential for it went lost anyhow...

However it may take a few days to fix this.

Hey KillerGremal!

No worries. I put the game on ice till you find a solution. Thanks! Smile

There is now an update available (download links on top) - however besides of fixing the Smite bug the changes are decent.

If there is something to mention more than other things, then upgrading to a higher spell level may be now a little bit more attractive, also monsters should perform some more reactive when they suffer pain by an accidental hit.

Mate, you're the best!

Now, let's slaughter the denizens of Aranna a few times over, shall we?

Is there a way to add actual weapon/spell DPS into the info panel, based on attack/cast speed?

Were you able to look at the issue with characters being permanently stuck in Wait mode that I mentioned earlier? Did the save that I sent you work? I can send it again if more/different files are needed.