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The site has been updated!

Seems to be a few issues here and there. Please mention issues in the comments here so we can keep track of each issue and (hopefully) provide a fix. Note that we updated to a major new version of our site software, so it may not be possible for all functionality of the site to remain exactly as it was.

Happy to see things are getting fixed. I am impressed that there where so few issues moving to the new software. Also I am pleased to see how quickly you guys have moved to correct the issues that did exist.
Thank You,


As well as the disappearance issue bare-elf mentioned, I've also seen the avatars expanded to fit the height of the post, making them overlap the text.

At the time of posting, this one had that issue.

I had posts displaying in reverse chronological order with the most recently published post being the first to be read, how do I change it back to that state because I've forgotten how I changed it, that's assuming I did change it which I'm not sure now if I did change it to that way.
Hmmm, did I change it to that state or was it already like that when I joined, if it wasn't like that when I joined then I must have changed it somehow or someone else changed it for me, and that means the latest upgrade has caused this to happen for everyone else. (AH HA, the plot thickens me thinks)

OOOOOOH, does this mean I've gone through the change and I haven't noticed it until now or have I turned into a slavering beast like thing with a brain to match it, gulp, I'm going to have a lie down as my head has started throbbing......again.

If this cannot be changed back to the way I had it before then I will leave this bugilier to sound the Last Post over the grave of the Last Post.


I'm working on fixing that.


I'm working on fixing that. This wasn't anything you did as it stemmed from the forum upgrades.

What about having the later comments first like before ?

I can't wait for avatars to return.
So that people have an image to them.
Nobody has one anymore.