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Gauntlets of Quickness Ver2


Gauntlets of Quickness

UPDATE: Now available for False Prophet as well. If you like this mod and like playing Ultima VI False Prophet, then download this mod again for the new version.

What is it?
Once equipped these gauntlets doubles the speed of any character who wears them.
Increases Dexterity +10.

Where can I get them?
Gwenneth in Britain sells them at Iolo's Bows.

How do I install?
Put the CG_GauntletsOfQuicknessMod.dsres into your Lazarus\resources folder.

How do I uninstall?
Remove it from that location.

Do I have to start a new game?
No. But if your save game starts in Britain or near the castle,
then teleport to somewhere far away.
This will unload the map from the game.
Afterward go back to Britain and visit Gwenneth again.

Does it conflict with any other mod?
This is version 2 of my mod.
Get rid of the old dsres before installing this one.
Otherwise it does not conflict with any.

You have to put the gloves on twice to make them work.
It sounds weird but the very first time a character puts them on,
it has to be done twice.
Equip it then unequip it, then again equip it.
I don't know why this happens but it will work if put on twice.
Also whenever you teleport or use the grapple,
the gloves have to be taken off and put back on
in order to get them to work again.

Special thanks to BareElf and Xaa for the first version.
I have updated this to a new version.

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You are welcome ChickenGeorge, but you did all the work I just pointed you in the right direction. Wink


This mod is now available for Ultima VI False Prophet.
If you like playing False Prophet and wish this mod was found in it,
then now is that day.
Go ahead and download this mod again and put the new dsres into your U6/Resources folder.