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Reverse engineering Dungeon Siege

I just find a good site about Dungeon Siege and his Software Engineering gem like:

1) Tank archives
2) Dungeon Siege Aspect models
3) Siege Nodes and the Continuous World Raw textures and sprites
4) Save files
5) Other file/data formats (PRS, GAS, Bink, etc)
6) Skrit and FuBi - Advanced scripting in Dungeon Siege

Here the site (Sep 16, 2015):

Yeah I came across that a few years ago. Helped me understand the Siege Engine and how it works and is organized. Quite helpful actually.
If y'all are interested in modding and have some spare time on your hands, take the time to go through some of it, it's pretty cool.

I wonder, how can you get the "Avg Dmg per 10 sec" value in LOA ?

There’s also this compiled help thingy with skrit stuff for coding DS.