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Some script and general mod questions

Greetings, i am new here and recently started to replay DS2:BW with a few mods. Just have a few questions if you dont mind. Smile

1. I wasnt able to find any actual mod for resetting skill points. Here on this forum someone uploaded a bunch of "DungeonSiege 2 mods by LeisureBeing, 2011", which contained among others "Mod-ResetSkills.ds2res". I had to adjust this mods to allow resetting BW skills as well, but the remaining problem that it is also need to reset powers as well (since they stay at their learned level even if you reset skill points). I presume there is some command like "memberGo$.Actor.[SetPowerLevel]" by analogy with "RSSetNaturalSkillLevel("",X)", but i wasnt able to find any documentation about this functions.

2. Is it possible somehow modify weapon inventory tooltip to change its format from simple min/max damage to DPS format (thus reflecting weapon speed)? It will allow to compare weapon damage easier.

3. There was a forum thread ( about 12 party members and i am curious - how it ended up in the end? Is there any ready text guide how to do it and is it possible to have 6+ party members in the single player? I hate this limitation both in DS1/2 since i always wanted to create a full party from all characters who would join the group during walkthrough.

4. Is it possible to have more than 1 embrace/wrath buff on characters or this is hard-coded and still no one wasnt able to break this?

1) There is an NPC in the BW official map who can reset your skill points. Additionally, the Aranna Legacy/ Hotfix mod adds an NPC who can reset skills points from a specific skill, while also adding the original skill-resetting ability to an existing NPC in the original DS2 map.

3) There are a series of videos showing that it was possible. The instructions you are looking for are in the first video, in audiovisual form. You will have to play in multiplayer mode, since you will need to multibox in order to play as a 6+ party.

4) The Aranna Legacy/ Hotfix mod allows increasing buff capacity to up to three at a time (in addition to a Rending Aura and pet auras) by modifying an .ini file in your savegame directory.

Thanks for the answers, but i was looking for ways to make it through small scripts/mods, not installing such global addition as Aranna Legacy/ Hotfix mod.

This file might help you out for resetting skill points, its for DS2 but can be adapted for BW, it goes on the data bar at the bottom of the screen, no cost or anything and it can be used on any character multitudes of times, and it is always available.


Thanks, i already found and used this file. Smile Adapted for BW skills, still dunno how to reset powers, but suppose its not big deal since you cant use existing powers w/o skill points spent, so u just need to remove them from char panel manually.