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Elys DS2 Succubus Manager v10

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Download Elys DS2 Succubus Manager v10 12.7MB (Installer)

Updated and smaller installer than previous version, and the new Manager fixes the unfamous "" error preventing to use multiplayer functionalities.

Elys DS2 Succubus Manager for:
Dungeon Siege 2.2
Dungeon Siege Broken World 2.3

Elys DS2 Succubus Manager is a package all-in-one for DS2*AllSaves/DS2BW*Allsaves/Elys DS2 Succubus Modlet/Elys DS2BW Succubus Modlet.
You should uninstall prior version of all these applications before installing Elys DS2 Succubus Manager.

Installation & Use

Install by running the Elys_DS2_Succubus_Manager_v8.msi installer.

Then use the new created "Elys DS2 Succubus Manager" shortcut to play.

To uninstall, just use the "Uninstall DS2 Succubus Manager" shortcut.

Version 10:

Frontend Options:
( Open ElysDS2SuccubusManager.gif to see a preview all at the available options )

Game Modifications:
- Five additionals playable character races: Succubus, Vampire, Nymph, Daemon, and Drow.
- Existing races have their starting statistics modified.
- Max character level has been increased from 100 to 125.
- Passive Skills have their progression table modified and their max level increased from 20 to 25.
- Master Powers have been added. They are represented by the 4th level of Powers.
- Max character resistance have been increased from 80% to 100%.
- Your characters and pets will automaticly use potions when their Health Points or Mana Points are down to 33%.
- Monsters Experience and Life scales related to the players party size have been tweaked to be proportional.
- The maximum additional buyable party slots in Single Player are now available from Mercenary difficulty.
- You can now release NPC from the innkeeper. ATTENTION: This will remove permanently the NPC from the current game, and some NPC are required for secondary quests.
- Allow existing standard or "modded" characters to be playable with the modlet.

Multiplayer Modifications:
- The game can be now played with a team up to 8 players and 12 characters. The followind modes are available:
8 x 1 = Up to eight players can play using only their main hero.
6 x 2 = Up to six players can play with their main hero and one additional party member or pet.
4 x 3 = Up to four players can play with their main hero and two additional party members or pets.
3 x 4 = Up to three players can play with their main hero and three additional party members or pets.
2 x 6 = Up to two players can play with their main hero and five additional party members or pets.
- Fix the now infamous "" network error, since the Gamespy service does not exist anymore.

Interface & Inventory:
- An experimental "SeeFar Hack" slider has been added to the loader so people can play with it to enjoy far view while playing.
- The camera has been tweaked to be less restritive whatever are the internal map settings.
- Change the max gold cap in inventory from 9.999.999 to .
- Reserve Spells Slots are now Autocast Spells Slots.

New Regions:
- The Pineapples Island ( You character has to chant "Pineapples Roxx" to get access to the island.)

New mercenary:
- Angelys
- Pinkie

New items :
- Angel Guard (shield)
- Ice Snake (sword)
- Lightning Sword

Special notes:
- If you are updating from Elys DS2 Succubus Modlet v7, all your Holy Teleporter Scrolls will be replaced by Summon Teleport Spells.
- If you are updating from Elys DS2 Succubus Modlet v8, v9 or V10, all your Teleporter Scrolls will be replaced by Summon Teleport Spells.
- You may notice bad textures beeing applied when you are creating a new race character. Just click "NEXT" hair or appearance, or etc to correct it. This is caused by DungeonSiege 2 saved character texture preferences which are not verified to be valid, when a modlet modify the character textures.


Crimzon Eagle, for the "Ancient Sword", the "Ice Snake" models and skins.
GraveDigger for the loading screen background.
MCarp for the "Pinneapple chest" model and skin.
Omicron for his work on the Release NPC modification.
Shocked for better Pineapples Island radar maps.

Thanks to:

- Crimzon Eagle, Dan, GraveDigger, MCarp, Omicron, Omniscient Colossus, Shocked, sjr, xmen90s .
- All the girls & guys who maintain websites and forums to make a living community and provide lot of infos.


So, let's say I want to use the Succubus modlet, but want to overwrite one of the files. What priority do i need to create my tank with, or will using the Succubus modlet via the Succubus manager overwrite any and all tanks regardless of tank priority?

Edit: turns out I'm a dummy and created a tank with too high of a priority. Seems there is a limit of how large of a priority you can set (aka, 99999999 is too large), and anything above that seems to reset that tank's priority to something much lower or even negative, though this i'm not sure about. Tankviewer showed that tank having a priority of +51711 or something like that, but it definitely did not overwrite any other tanks.

Regardless, don't be silly with your tank priority value. Insane

Dont know if anyone looks here anymore or not but here goes. Can I get a link of Lvl 100 max Succubus? If i lvl ANY char >101, i cant see appropriate vendor items, vendors sell

How do you even play this? My party went 10% down on dodge chances, lost half of magic resists, like 20% health and a ton of damage. Half of the party gets KOed every other fight because mages can't take more than 4-5 hits from regular mobs and you get attacked by swarms of 8-12 on regular basis. Mobs have 2-5k health on level 27 and just casually walk across the screen under attacks of my characters and beat the crap out of my nukers, nature mage constantly runs out of mana with +12 mana per hit equipment etc. Is this some kind of perverted challenge mod or something? Readme mentions scaling and rebalancing but dividing all skill bonuses by 2-3 and multiplying enemy health at the same time hardly counts ad 'balance'. Am I missing something?

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Hello, I'd like to ask some questions about the manager, hopefully someone knows something..
I'm on windows 10 and have been trying to fix the following things:
- mouse cursor on startup
- fullscreen, but in 1920x1080
- normal max zoom; camera distance equal or higher than the original
- increase view distance / remove some fog

He're what I did and how I play right now:
I'm have both DS2BW All Saves and Elys' Succubus Manager installed and working, but here's the catch:
- the AllSaves has the SeeFar slider that works absolutely great and eliminates all my problems - I can play in any resolution and as long as I adjust the slider, the game looks just great. Also it looks better in 1920x1080 than the game's original resolutions BUT for some reason, all multiclass powers (assasin and FoS powers) do not exist! BW content is all there but no BW powers whatsoever in any of my saves or the pre-saved characters.
- so, since AllSaves is not working out I tried this manager and the BW powers are present as they should be. The problem with the Manager is, it has all those fancy camera adjustment options, but can't zoom out or remove fog. The first camera option "override fog and frustum" can only shorten the view range, up to the point where literally everything is in fog, which doesn't make sense tbh.

As far as I understand, everything the AllSaves has, is contained within Elys' DS2 Succubus Manager, including the SeeFar Hack as stated in the very description in the original post. But where is the SeeFar slider actually? Because, it could solve all of my problems right away, but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere..