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Something for Catmansion fans

Our own dear bare_elf has been working on a new armor set for the Catmansion models. If you would like to download the files, you should visit Herena Forge (note: downloads restricted to members)

This time around, there is Catmansion girl armor and also Catmansion armor that includes items for the boys. Please be advised that some of the armors feature nude and semi-nude textures. There is also a spiffy new shield to download as well... Wink

Kathy's Fractal Shield. Smile (yes, that is really the name of it)

I am crazy about my new shield, Lili. Thank you sweetie.
Here is some armor for the boys:

There are more armors for males, which can also be used by female characters.

Some of the items in the CM armor mod can be used by other characters--specifically gloves and boots and of course, shields. Cool

Must be good if even the monsters are using it... Wink (and no, I did not make them do that)