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Empire of Stars v0.6: The Lost Twin

Empire of Stars v0.6 "The Lost Twin" out now !!1

On Aldebaran you encounter a part of the ancient Empire of Stars still in existence. The town of Iliyuna was once the twin city of Iliyara on Aranna, and you can explore the ruins of the Palace of Light. There's also a planetary ring you can visit to smash some shards.

Thank you Kathy CF for making the beautiful dress for my Utraean Seeress.

Here are some more promo screenshots:

Landing on Aldebaran, encounter of Half-Giant 10th Legion guards:

Iliyuna Backpackers Hostel & Inn, where the 10th Legion Decurio provides guidance for your quest, and allows you to hire his (albeit expensive) guards:

Exploring the ruins of the Palace of Light, containing the Sirius Starstone, a lore library and a set item:

And last but not least: enjoy smashing shards on the planetary ring:

foerstj I just downloaded the new version and will check it out over the next few days. Thank you for the update.

Thank you for downloading & playtesting!
I do hope it's all working - I'm going on vacation soon so just pumped out the update without all that much testing tbh.

By the way, as I said I'll be on vacation and I'm not gonna spend it map-making, so I split the last milestone into two - this way I'll hopefully be able to keep making monthly updates. So the timeline is now as following:
- 0.6 Aldebaran: July
- 0.7 Sirius part one: August
- 0.8 Sirius part two: September
- 1.0 final polish: October

Shoot, I forgot to set the default start position back to Aranna. Uploaded a new version of the .zip

foerstj wrote:

Shoot, I forgot to set the default start position back to Aranna. Uploaded a new version of the .zip

That is what I was coming back to report. Thanks for fixing

foerstj wrote:
Thank you Bare Elf for making the beautiful dress for my Utraean Seeress.

I am neither bare nor an elf. Well, I AM bare underneath my clothes.
Just imagine a female elf version of THIS.

Tongue Laughing out loud

I'm glad you like the dress though.

Just downloaded the latest update. Looks good!

Oops sorry Kathy, I fixed it above!

No worries about the oops.

I've always thought of elves as being agile and graceful. I'm not particularly graceful (despite 5 years of ballet class!) so in my post I was comparing myself to a Keebler elf , who are known for being short and pudgy cookie bakers. Should have occurred to me that Keebler isn't an international company. At least I don't think so.

Hi all, I'm back from vacation! I had a super relaxing time cycling down the Rhine and getting my bike stolen omg wtf lol.
Anyways I finally found some time to continue on EoS 0.7 which is due in August (let's see how that works out).
I made a little bandit moon. You have to find & destroy a dark generator there. Here are some screenies of the landscape concept, hope you like it.

So basically the forest has maples red & yellow and oaks and giant asters & pansies. Wouldn't have thought of it myself, but saw it in a youtube video of the "Circle of Lorent" map/mod.

And here's some concept art for the Machine Moon. There will be machines only on this world. No Goblins, no plants.

Some changes still todo, for examle that sign post needs to be replaced.
And I need to change the mood color for both moons - Sirius is a blue star.
Of course also on the Machine Moon you have to find & destroy a Dark Generator. And there's a gobbot suit boss yay

I wasn't really satisfied with the machine moon concept, and tried sth else - using goblin warrens as an outdoor region:

What do you think? I think the first concept looked a bit careless and arbitrary, while this one kinda has more depth.
I might add rain and maybe (straying from the original idea) even some plants. I think they'd look really neat here.

The machine moon both try 1 and try 2 look good. Try 2 using goblin warrens does look less random, just as long as you make it different and outside.

The thing about the first try is that I got a few nice screenshots but otherwise it felt like arbitrarily placed objects without sense or purpose, and got boring pretty quickly. The landscape is more interesting now, and the gameplay is a lot better (because I kept a lot of the gimmicks & effects of the goblin warrens). So I'm glad how this turned out. It's almost a bit too pretty for the endgame tho Wink

Found & destroyed the Dark Generator. Quest fulfilled - time to enjoy a nice view

See you next time - when I make the Death Moon! Ghost

I really like the new machine moon. Looks better (being outside) than the original Goblin Warrens. Smile Dance

Death Moon in progress! Here some dev screenies!
Krug Zombies, using cut content original textures

Wolf and Bear Zombies, using textures by Eksevis

First sketch of landscape

Release this weekend!