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Empire of Stars v0.7: Shit is getting Sirius

Empire of Stars v0.7 "Shit is getting Sirius" OUT NOW !!1

This release adds the three moons of Sirius: the Bandit Moon, the Machine Moon, and the Death Moon. On each moon you have to find & destroy a Dark Generator.

Yeah I know it's been a long time waiting but I was on vacation and I didn't spend it modding so yeah. I wanted to release a little update in August anyways.
And forgive me the horrible pun on "Sirius", I couldn't stop myself.

I hope I don't spoiler too much, but here are pictures of the Dark Generators for each moon:

For the Death Moon, some new enemies were made, including zombie Krugs, zombie Krug dogs, gray zombie wolves and brown Ursae (zombie bears). Wolves & bears are courtesy of Eksevis' Halloween Mod.

All three moons are full of enemies, but on all of them you can also find an NPC to talk to:

I want to mention that Sig of Mugmort has now reached level 30! Dwarf

So that's it - after destroying the three Dark Generators, our band of heroes faces the final teleporter, which will bring them to the planet of Evil...

...but that is a story for a different release. You can actually test the teleporter, but the planet is just a dummy for now.

The new areas look good. I will be busy mooning the bad guys. LOL Smile Evil Dance Elf

Hehe mooning.

By the way, loading a savegame of EoS v0.6 should work, DS shouldn't crash on the new elevator objects. Only the new quests won't work, so the final elevator won't trigger even if you destroy all 3 Dark Generators. I still recommend reusing the savegame because replaying the entire map just for the new moons probably isn't worth it, I'd wait for the 0.8 if I were you.

Really does not matter, I just like playing the map and testing like it is the first time I downloaded the map. Currently I am on the way to the crypts with Laura. All is well

Okay what planet is the Sirius Star stone on? Been looking for it, but I am lost in the ozone with nothing to moon Sad Elf

Hi, the Sirius Starstone is on Aldebaran, in the alchemy room of the Palace of Light ruins. If you talk to any of the guards they will send you to the Decurio in the tavern, and he gives you the quest to get the Sirius Starstone from there. He also allows you to hire his strong but overpriced guards. If anything isn't working please tell me.

First sneak peek of Sirius planet!

It's not meant to look pleasant Wink
(I'm gonna use Castle Ehb btw.)

That Sirius landscape looks rather menacing. Cool

Who are the (T pose) folks going to be?

Somebody said the landscape reminds them of Searing Gorge, apparently that's something WoW. For me the Ramparts and Mesa from LoA were inspiration.

The enemies on Sirius planet will mostly be Seth Reptiloids (Seck adaptions). But there will be "representatives" of all 3 moons present. The folks you see here are bandits, which stand in the area around the teleporter. (And some cyclops.)

foerstj wrote:
Somebody said the landscape reminds them of Searing Gorge, apparently that's something WoW.

Yup, that looks quite a bit like Searing Gorge. I didn't think of it at first because I haven't played WoW in several years.

Sneak peek!
Here's the labyrinth, full of filthy Undead:

Now how to turn a castle evil? Simple, you add red lights & horns:

Also I had to poison that moat, it looked too pretty.

In the Cathedral of Stars, the Aranna Starstone is waiting for you:

Also waiting for you is the evil Seth King:

And the if at all possible even eviler Seth Queen Mother:

It's a lot of fun making those.

And when I'm done with Sirius, one last place I have to create is the other planet that you can visit after returning to Aranna. There's one more small teleporter on Little Iliyara Island and I'm not gonna leave it unused Smile I'm gonna make a Red Planet (toadally not Mars) with little green men on it (goblins) Wink

I like the horny castle... good thing it can not move ... more mooning after returning to Iliyara island... well I never expected the Spanish Inquisition either. (yes quoting Monty Python again)

Been working on the visuals of the Red Planet and here's how it looks:

As you can see I've used the desert canyon region that contains the droog village.
The red terrain is simply done with lighting. You can specify whether light affect actors, items and terrain separately, so I have a red directional light for the terrain and a white directional light for the actors & items.
The idea is to have a canyon where the bottom is lush and green, and the further up you go the fewer (and drier) plants grow.
There will be "enemies" in the region but only very low-level ones.

Hi, so... the end is nigh! And I mean the end of EoS. I have the Red Planet finished, I added a victory condition gimmick (when you have both main quests resolved, the Disco Krug music is gonna play) and I added 3 last Astral Set items (more rings) to the 3 moons of Sirius. That means the project is mostly done now! Of course I have a long to-do list of things I want to polish & extend before the 1.0 release, but the 0.8 pre-release is basically finished at this point, and it concludes the storyline. Well, never say finished before the test. Tomorrow I'll make a test run, and if all is well do the release. So buckle up for the final part of the journey!

...but not today. Sorry folks!