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Empire of Stars v0.8: The Planet of Evil

Tadaa VoilĂ !

Please note that this is essentially the beta version of the map. There'll be a few more things to polish for the 1.0 release, but the regions are all in place now and the storyline is complete. So if you feel like playtesting - now's the time! Wink I'll wrap things up & release the 1.0 in October.

The above image is in the Cathedral of Stars inside Castle La Crimosa. After an odyssee among the stars, you are finally able to return back home.

Arriving on the Seth Planet, on the way to the castle you'll have to fight some bandits & cyclops

There are also some machines & undead around.
But the main enemies are of course the evil Reptiloids from the tribe of the Seth:

With the Aranna Starstone you can return home, but if you're in the mood for some more fighting you can slay the Seth King

And the even stronger Seth Queen Mother (good luck with that)

After you finally set foot again on Little Iliyara Island...

... you can visit the Red Planet! This is toadally not Mars and you meet the Little Green Men there:

There's also a nice little canyon that you can have a walk in. Enjoy!

And then they all went to the Moon to have a party with the Magic Moon Dwarves with lots of mulled mead & gremal stew. THE END.

KathyCF your dark fae is not yet added, I'll have it in the 1.0 release

started a new game from beginning with 0.8 here are some screens -
2 beds one house?

dark fae

( it unusual that two people live in one house?)

I'm working on polishing EoS and wanted to share a few pics:

Here are Dark Fae on the Bandit Moon:

I also did a dark pixie (because the only difference is that pixies give mana) and I'm struggling with the naming. Is "Dark Puck" a good name?

Then I've added sparkles to the starstones and set items:

I hope it helps that the player doesn't accidentally overlook them.
I've also added light rays to the places where starstones or set items are hidden. Yellow is the color for starstones and cyan for set items.

And lastly I got some fresh bookcases designed by Sadowson from Discord:

He made exactly 10 of them which fits my lore library in the Palace of Light perfectly.

The screen shots look good. The updated bookshelves are a nice improvement over the old ones, can see a lot more detail. Maybe the pixie could be a sprite or something? Pixie synonyms

Sentence examples from the above website:

Let me blast that buzzing vixen to pixie hell.

Negative, the pixie has left the toadstool.