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Some enemies in UP untouchable by party characters

Some enemies (so far it's only been one lone enemy at a time) are untouchable and impervious to my party's attacks. Hovering the mouse pointer over them doesn't even register anything there, so I can't target them for my party to attack. My summoned creatures can "see" them, harm and defeat them (after some effort), at least at lower levels like Krug and Hak'u, but they are no match for Harpies and the like (now at level 43-ish).

This is the fourth time I've encountered this issue so far, in my latest foray into Utraean Peninsula. Twice around Elddim (Krug, Forest Klaw), once in Northern Forest (Hak'u), and now in Iliarth Canyon.

I've searched on this forum and elsewhere, but didn't find anything useful (maybe not using the "right" magic words?)

FWIW, I'm playing retail LoA and DS2 (up to latest versions) with Legendary mod (obviously) on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine.

Is there any way to work around this issue? I've never had this issue in the 6 years I've been able to play UP with Legendary. Thx

So this is posted in the DS1 forum but actually you're playing DS2?

2nd question: Are you sure you don't have any mods active?

Anyways I don't recall any such situation. Do you have a screenshot / can you tell a specific enemy that's not working?

Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, I debated DS1 vs DS2. UP is technically DS1, but played with DS2 engine. Can't win either way. I'll know for next time.

As for screen shot, there's nothing much to see. The enemy is there alright, but doesn't register under the mouse pointer, so no info available.

I have no mods installed AFAIK other than Legendary, and Succubus Manager (which is not working quite right anyway; doesn't present me with a list of saved games, but still launches the latest).

Starting a new session from the last save, some enemies respawned but the mysterious "untouchable" is not there. So I had a thought: could it be a summoned monster (in this last case, a Harpy Warrior summoned by a Harpie Conjurer), and something isn't quite set right?

But like you, I've never ever seen this before. So it could well be something new in my setup, but I can't imagine what it would be.

Workaround seems to be: save, exit, restart from savepoint.

HeHeHe, I had the same problem with 3 Hak'u Spearmasters after crossing the first bridge after you get the Morden towers quest, it was on the original GOG version of DS2 and no characters have been modded, not even an activated power would affect them, that was the first time I've ever come across this anomoly and I've been playing this game for over 10 years.

Moros, thanks for your reply.
Sorry to hear you had similar issues, but glad that I'm not imagining it (said the guy with 12 personalities!)
What was your solution or workaround? Save, quit, and reload?

While I'm seeing this playing UP (with DS2 engine and Legendary), you saw this in DS2 stock campaign, so it might well be an obscure DS2 engine issue. Like you, I've never seen this in all my years playing. Luckily, re-loading seems to make the problem go away, until the next time.

Another odd thing that I noticed on this go-round is that I somehow wound up with 8 auto-cast spell slots (that is, all the reserve slots were auto-cast as well). I un-installed and re-installed Succubus Manager, and now I'm back to the usual 4 auto-cast spell slots. Curiouser and curiouser...

A reload fixed those Hak'u spearthrowers, have you noticed the speed of their spear chucker animation, Deru had as many spears in her as those Hak'u had her arrows in them.

A couple of other things as well, I'm using the GOG version of DS2 which has been updated to v2.3 and the DS2 siege editor will not even install on this version, I have the DS2 retail disks and a laptop with Win7 professional on it but I just can't be bothered to install DS2 on it. Oh well, these things happen.
Also an hireable character I put on the map in the DS2 2.2 version will not appear on the map in this GOG version either, I wonder what GOG has changed to make this happen, to anyone who reads this post I would be interested to know why you can't add anyone to the GOG 2.3 map. You never know but I might even put you on my Christmas card list.

Still on my latest playthrough of Utraean Peninsula with DS2 engine & Legendary, I had stored all my townstones in the vault/storage chest. By the time I got to Hiroth, the entire vault chest was empty, including all the townstones I had collected. I swear, I must be playing Haunted Dungeon Siege! It's very likely something particular to my setup &/or changes, but I do not have any special mods installed. Very frustrating. I wonder where they could have gone, and if I can even retrieve them... Otherwise, I'm hooped and can't continue. Aaargh!!!

I'd do the obvious thing and go back a save, keep doing that until they appear again, you might have to undo any changes or mods that you might have added as well, good luck with sorting that one out.

I would, except that Succubus Manager (and Elys' All*Saves) doesn't show me my past saves. I've known for a while that something is totally messed up with that, but hoped it was limited to loading past saves. I was Ok with just loading the default last save and forging on from there. Now that gameplay seems wonky, I believe it's my cue to bite the bullet and backup characters & saved games, wipe out everything, and re-install clean. I was reluctant to do this from fear of losing something (characters, saves, etc.) but now I have no choice.

Hmmmmm, I've had that problem before with Elys allsaves, there's a conflict somewhere, whether its the game version or a mismatch with the allsaves I don't know, anyhow good luck......