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Green Range

Hi all, I'm playing with the thought of making a map spanning the "Green Range" mountain range, going from the border of Ehb to maybe that lake in the northeast that you can see on the map.

So I'd like to ask you what you would like or expect to see on such a map. For sure it should feature mountainous terrain covered in green forests. Apart from that, any ideas or wishes? Smile

04.0 A very short and very funny section of the map. Troll magic shop LOL. Or should I say ooka ooka

Please another update to Green Range - Green Ranger is bored.

Lovely to hear that people want updates, thank you Smile
I think you'll like the next part. The Klars Trail leads down into the Blackwood Gap, the darkest valley of the mountain range. There'll be black trees, black enemies, and finally a camp of Travelers with shops and a new companion.
So I'm working on it! I'm doing one update every month, but I still got 3 weeks left for September so don't hold your breath!

Pah-pah-pah Green Range v0.5!

Release v0.5 adds the first half of the Blackwood Gap, the deepest canyon of the Green Range, where the sun never reaches the bottom. Down there, in the dark heart of the map, lies the mid-way point between Ehb and Longbourne. Some Travelers are camping at a Ranger shelter, where you can trade, buy a mule, and find a new companion.
It also adds more of the Greylin Hills, where you can even climb down to the coast. The rain is pouring down, and giant manglers are lounging in the sand.
The music dsres is optional, as usual. It's actually smaller than in the previous release, because I compressed the music files.
Enjoy playing and don't get lost!

Here some pictures of the Blackwood Gap:

And here some pictures of the Greylin Coast:

Hope you like it Smile

Finally I reached the center of the map! In hindsight I should have scoped this project a bit smaller. But by now it would be at least as much work to start over again, so I'll just keep going.
According to plan there are 5 more releases to reach Longbourne in v0.10, and then there'll be another v1.0 release. If I keep doing one release per month that'll mean v1.0 in March 2023 Laughing out loud

Made it to Blackwood Gap, it took a while as I had to start over, from the start. On previous releases of the map I was able to continue from the end of the previous release. I guess you changed a good deal of things. So far all goes well. I will continue into Blackwood Gap later.

I go down into Blackwood Gap, and find the person who says there is a ranger station a few minutes ahead. No matter which way I go I do not find the ranger station and another person to hire. I keep ending up at the entrance to Blackwood Gap, back at the top of the downward path. HELP

At that NPC you have to go across the wooden bridge, as the signs indicate. Then just follow the path... as long as you don't cross back over the bridge you have to end up at that camp...

Not exactly sure how I did it but I reached The Blackwood Gap Camp Site. Got some new weapons and a new party member. So I finished v.05 now it is sit around and wait a month for version 0.6 Smile