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Green Range

New thread for the second half of the Green Range map project.

Release plan: one milestone per month:
v0.6: October 2022: Blackwood Gap 2nd half & Aranoi Hills
v0.7: November 2022: Giants Forest & Sweven Grotto
v0.8: December 2022: Dripstone Caverns
v0.9: January 2023: Robbers Forest
v0.10: February 2023: Longbourne & Lupine Groves
v1.0: March 2023: final touches

And here's the release v0.6: Smile

Release v0.6 adds the second half of the Blackwood Gap. With your new combat mage companion, you fight blackboars and a mountain giant on the way back up to the light, and can also clear a haunted castle on the side. The Klars Trail exits to the Giants Forest, a landscape of dark soil dotted by bright plants.
It also adds the bulk of the Aranoi Hills, where a way leads down to the Aranoi Desert. The way is blocked, of course, else I'd basically have been required to create a desert 10x the size of this already huge map. Exploring the arid Aranoi Hills, you fight trolls and skeletons and wild creatures like the Feathered Drakelings. There's also a cave full of Sandskreeches to be found, and a grumpy hermit on top of a hill.
Enjoy playing and don't get lost!


Haunted castle, side area in the Blackwood Gap:

Out of the Blackwood Gap, the landscaping continues to be on the darkish side. More of this in the upcoming v0.7 release:

Big side area: the arid Aranoi Hills:

Grumpy hermit on top of a mountain:

Poor guy just wants to be left in peace, and I put a multi-player starting position right in his backyard Smile He lives up there tending his fields and breeding Gikk birds.

And I finally managed to write a light spell:

I have made it back to the camp in Blackwood Gap and Raven has joined the team. We are traveling on to see what is new.

A new release is finished: the November update, Green Range v0.7, which adds the Giants Forest and the Sweven Grotto!

Green Range v0.7 adds the Giants Forest, dark mountains inhabited by Mountain Giants and huge Trolls. But it's not all gloomy - spotted plants brighten up the landscape, one of the Mountain Giants sells you gear instead of trying to eat you, and if you're feeling courageous (as in, not afraid of losing your mind), you can take a detour into the magical Sweven Grotto.
Enjoy playing and don't get lost!

Here are some pics!

Main area is the Giants Forest, mountain terrain using the dark-green swamp textures. This is countered with plants that have bright spots.

Most important enemies are large trolls and the Mountain Giants that give the region its name. One of them is friendly and sells gear.

This update also includes the magical Sweven Grotto, a surrealistic side-area in this otherwise rather sober map.

Hope you like it. The design of the Sweven Grotto is heavily inspired by Realm of Kings, obviously!

Gopfetori! There's a duplicate node id that causes havoc just after the Skeleton Cave. Hope you can load your last savegame and don't need to start from scratch!

foerstj wrote:

Gopfetori! There's a duplicate node id that causes havoc just after the Skeleton Cave. Hope you can load your last savegame and don't need to start from scratch!

Yes it does cause problems sometimes Once it worked fine and once it would not let me load my saved game. I just saved a lot before getting to Skeleton Cave, so I could reload from an earlier save.