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Utraean Peninsula: Zombie Apocalypse

I have started on a new project, it's called Utraean Peninsula: Zombie Apocalypse.

The idea is to alter the Utraean Peninsula to tell a different story, and make players find their ways in a world that they know but that has changed.
The story is that there was a zombie apocalypse on the Utraean Peninsula, wiping out most of civilization. Ten years later a Legion ship tries to set foot on Meren but gets stranded on the Eastern Island. So your first way leads you from there through the Great Northern Forest to Elddim, and from there you can go on exploring the rest of the map.

The concept is similar to a "UP 867" idea I explored a while ago. The initial idea was to have a Utraean Peninsula before the Legion arrived, but I soon realized that, with all the bridges and elevators removed, the map would become completely untraversable. Now, with the approach of a zombie apocalypse, I can leave these things intact (or remove/break a few of them at will, let's see).

Aaand already done with the next milestone - ruinating Grescal really wasn't that much to do:

Release v0.10 is out:

This pre-release of "Utraean Peninsula: Zombie Apocalypse" adds coverage of Hiroth incl. Hiroth Castle. Hiroth is in the grips of the Reaper, and its once green pastures have turned dark and murky.
The endboss is not done yet; there's a dummy skeleton in the throne room as placeholder for completing the quest.

UPZA v0.11 is out!
This is the final pre-release of UPZA. In about a month I'll make an official v1.0 release, so now is the perfect time for playtesting Wink
And, as always, some screenshots...

I added a cutscene at the beginning to explain how you got stranded on the Eastern Island (same text as in the Readme).

Main addition is the endboss, the Grim Reaper. He's got everything - the robe, the scythe, glowing eyes, an aura of poisonous gases and spooky light!

- his scythe strikes you with lightning from afar
- poison breath (based on Gom spell)
- skull blast (based on rock beast attack, but with bloody skulls)
- force (flying objects, Gom spell)
- skull rain (Gom spell)

In addition, he summons skeletons, wraiths & punishers. And he can sommon as many and as often as he wants!

And if you run away to take a break - he takes a break too, and heals himself!

I also really like the kill effect, he explodes into a heap of bloody skulls - It's perfectly disgusting!

I hope you catch a glimpse of it, because you'll be looking a lot at the top-left corner hehe! The screenshots were made with +drdeath, but I swear I also legitly defeated him once.

But there's a happy end - the queen of Hiroth comes back to life and the kingdom is restored Innocent

And that's it, hope you like it & hope you enjoy playing it Smile

I finished the version 1.0.
Get it here on NexusMods: