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Overview maps

Let's have a thread about overview maps, that display all the regions of a DS map.
Because I'm in the process of making new ones Cool

I'll start with the two existing overview maps of KoE and UP that have been around for a long time:

Kingdom of Ehb:

Utraean Peninsula:

Before I start with criticism, let me just say they are AWESOME and were incredibly helpful to me for understanding the structure of the maps.

Also, they look like they've been a LOT of work. Does anyone know how were they done? Was every region image stitched together from hundreds of in-game map screenshots? Were the region images provided by GPG at some point? I only know how to screenshot regions in Siege Editor from above, but that looks a bit different...

Now for criticism, here are my issues with these maps:
- Missing pieces - some rooms are missing, like the crystal temple (fury eye), or random side rooms that were forgotten to uncover
- Not very pretty with the white background & cut-out region backgrounds in the UP map, tho I gotta say it shows the structure of dark dungeons pretty well
- Inconsistent scale - somem regions are scaled very differently from others, making the lower levels of the Ancient Temple appear as big as the Endless Dunes
- Minor issues like overlaps, typos, missing connection lines...
- No source material - if you'd want to fix anything, you'd have to either edit the finished image, or start from scratch

So what do you think? How were they made? Anything you'd like to have improved in a new version?

So I've made a few overview maps myself now.

Here's my first try, a map for my own very small map Ehland:

For Pentachoron Garden I've actually made 5 different ones, depending on which place you center on. Putting the whole map on a chart would be very difficult; impossible geometry was a key point of this map.
Each image shows 9 of the 15 regions of the map (the 16th region is the flop, the teleport hub):

Here's my overview map of the WOWH map that I have adopted:

And this is Loridan, also adopted by me:

These were made at various points in time, so they have varying quality and inconsistent use of colors, line widths, text sizes etc.. I'd like to overhaul them to make them more consistent & contain a bit more info.
But the regions screenshotted from above in Siege Editor, on a dark background, are already a common theme.

At this point I felt experienced & bold enough to attempt even larger overviews.

Here's the one for Empire of Stars - and I will not apologize for the background image:

Then I finally made the step to creating an overview map for the original Legends of Aranna map, something that didn't exist before as far as I know:

Then the Kingdom of Ehb:

And I just finished UP:

Arriving more and more at my definite style.
The dark-gray background (instead of plain black) allows for easier viewing of dungeons.
(It's the exact same gray that SiegeTheDay uses, lol.)

I will NOT make an overview map for Green Range. You'll have to satisfy yourselves with the python-generated abstract overview. That map has over 200 regions, and I have better things to do :P

As said, I want to overhaul old overviews to make them more consistent & complete.
Then my plan is to release them on NexusMods. Maybe including all the region snapshots, and the GIMP .xcf files, so that if someone wants to make improvements they can do so more easily...

I've now finalized the overview maps of KoE, UP & LoA, all using the same colors, text sizes etc., and uploaded the result (and the sources) to NexusMods: