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Halloween mod

This weekend I started to create a Halloween mod. Halloween is just a month away, and in October I'll also have to make a Green Range v0.6 update so that Bare Elf can finally exit the Blackwood Gap Wink I'm planning to expand it a little before release, but the main parts are all there.

VoilĂ :

What it does so far:
- Zombies
-- Replaces lower Krug with zombie Krug (texture replacement)
-- Replaces Krug dogs with zombie Krug dogs (texture replacement)
-- Replaces wolves with zombie wolves (texture replacement)
-- Replaces bears with zombie bears / ursae (texture replacement)
-- Replaces packmules with zombie packmules (texture replacement)
- Autumn
-- Replaces flowers with mushrooms (template replacement)
-- Makes fog grayer and closer (mood replacement)
-- Replaces green trees with autumn trees (texture replacement) and adds falling leaves (template replacement)
- Horror
-- Crypt ambience if no other was used (mood replacement)
-- Replaces music in Stonebridge, Elddim, Meren, Hiroth & Island with Halloween themes (mood replacement)
- Blood
-- Skrubbs spit blood (effect & texture replacement)

Any further ideas?

Btw the only existing Halloween mod seems to be this one
Or do you know of any others?

Adding skrubbs spitting blood is a nice effect, but how about if they spit out some type of candy ??
Perhaps.. ..umm m & m spitting skrubbs and some zombies know how they throw the guts at the hero usually.. the zombies could throw skittles at the hero... but faster than usual.

Also, witches! do not forget witches!

The Halloween mod sounds like it has some spectacular things coming along, some great ideas there they sound fun, i will try it, will give some insight a bit later Smile

4 files: see the picture

- Halloween Special Late Show.rar (24,7 Mo)
-- hs_lls.dsmap (8,81 mo)
-- hs_lls.dsres (20,5 mo - tank protected)
-- a small ico
-- a readme file (5 pages)

- The link in Mega:


You missed out a Late. The definitive original is at

It depended on multiplayer setup, so may have broken over the years, but still a good source of resources, if you want to cannibalize it, which would be very appropriate. There are chainsaws, hockey masks, showers and Norman Bates, the Blob, and a whole lot more.

Thanks everyone!

About candy - good idea but I don't have a candy model & texture, do you? Does this HS LLS contain candy that I could use?
About witches - yeah good point, I could replace the Krug Shamans in the first areas, Darklings in the mines, and Braak in the snow. If I don't get around to it in time I can still make an update next year.
(I also want to replace some enemies to get more spiders.)

About the Halloween Special Late Late Show: Thanks for the links, they both contain the same version. Hey ghastley you should push that mod onto NexusMods in about a month's time!
I'd like to have an overview of the things it provides. I guess there's no youtube playthrough? But maybe at least a few pictures?
Do you need to know this "Late Late Show" to appreciate the map?
Does it have candy? And Pumpkins?

I pulled all 29 of my mods from the Nexus when they changed their ToS. Most were Skyrim and Oblivion ones, but a few for other games.

HS_LLS was created in 2007 - I'm not sure if You Tube even existed back then. It was horror-m0vie themed, rather than kiddie stuff.Story/map by Charietto, models and animations (and some skrit) by me. There may be more on my site Follow the Dungeon Raider link.

Why remove mods from Nexus? Did they change the ToS to say all mods now belong to them? If so - why do you care? This game is 20 years old. Nobody plays it anymore. Any mods made for it are completely worthless. This includes my own projects as well. If you ask me, you'll either have 1-2 people download your map from NexusMods and play it each year, or you'll have 0 people playing your map each year. It's up to you. But yeah maybe you're the possessive type - you also activated Tank Protection which serves no other purpose than to annoy fellow modders a little before they go and unpack the dsres anyway using Siege Editor Wink

Hi ghastley, FYI since you said I could "cannibalize" the resources of HS LLS, I took the liberty to extract the pumpkin resources (helmet & Mr. Pumpkin Head) and added them to my "minibits" collection. It's a growing collection of bite-sized re-usable resources. Of course with proper attribution. Thank you!
Here it is:
Should I add a license information? Like CC-BY-SA?
I also want to add a simple non_interactive pumpkin template to use as decoration, and use it in my upcoming little Halloween mod.

Here you go!
Enjoy some spooky autumn mood Smile

finally a proper halloween mod for dungeon siege Smile

Happy Halloween 2023! Ghost

This update includes:

- Webbed trees & bushes (from Yesterhaven)
- Some KoE companions turned into skeletons
- Phrak Piercers = Blood Phraks
- Braak Mages = Snow Witches
- More Halloween music
- More rain & snow in moods of original maps
- Include moods of R2A and Yesterhaven