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Hi from an old friend

I hope its appropriate to make an entire post to say hi.
Its been 12 years I think since I was last on Siegecore. My name was Swiper. I played Dungeon Siege 2 for a long time for many years on and off. It was a truly a great game. I wish I could relive playing it for the first time again. Later, people on these forums helped me get started to mod the game. I loved modding the game and doing all the crazy experiments.
I would like to say hi to some people that I can remember (hopefully correctly): Darkelf, Sharkull, Dulac, and Phoenix. Hopefully I didnt forget someone.

Today, I am an experimental music producer and a street dance teacher/choreographer. I dont play much games anymore, mostly some chill League of Legends ARAMS if I do hop on the games a bit. Did play some Terraria too, great game.

I will make sure to hop on here later again in case someone is still around to say hi. Hope yall are doing well.

Hi, welcome back! Nice to meet you. Not much is happening here nowadays Smile
There's also the "Kingdom of Ehb" Discord, and r/DungeonSiege on Reddit. Tho I don't remember seeing the people you mentioned there either. Maybe they'll read this someday!

Is the discord for modding the game? Also hello!

Yeah come to the Discord, it's for everything Dungeon Siege! But yeah the modding channel is one of the most active ones!