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Halfelven gmax files

I've just been contacted by Chris Sipps, the author of the Halfelven model released some time ago, who wants to know if there would be any interest in the gmax files being released.

This could be of interest for anyone who wishes to learn modelling.

Here's a page that gives some more details about the model. Unfortunately the planetdungeonsiege site link doesn't work (now why should that surprise any of us here Evil ).

I'd be interested, if only to see what he did. Can't get a really good idea from the wireframe. :roll:

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I found this, with a download link, but it wanted me to sign in before downloading and that's more effort than I was willing to put in...
Download link here (with a good readme on the page):

Thanks. I had the model but lost it when I upgraded my PC.

From memory it changed the shape of farmgirl to be more slender. The biggest drawback from memory was that the boots were oversized. I don't remember if any animations were changed or not. The reason for the relatively large size of the zip (for a model) was that it included voice files for the LOA version.

I think most of us understand how much effort it takes to create a model & it's to be commended that such a gesture has been made (as far as I know the only other gmax files, apart from official ones, to be made public is Snowfox's goblin).