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How long have you been participating in site forums?

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Just a general "gee-whiz" question to see the ratio of newbies to old-timers.
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I started participating in forums when I first broke down and started to learn how to mod two years ago. Doesn't seem like I've been doing it for that long (short?) of a time.

Templarian Arch Sorcerer's picture

Same here, pretty much. Smile

Six years and counting

Although, obviously, I'm not here as much as I used to be.

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Two to five years it was for me. A little over two years ago, I actually registered with Siege Network, although I had been looking in on the forums before that.

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I read the SN forums off and on for years before participating... and only signed up to ask a question about Xaa's then just released MageWorld (over 2.5 years ago). Been active in a few DS forums pretty much consistently since then... Smile

How long have I have been participating in DS site forums. For 10 years and 9 weeks here. Before that At Siege Network, Herena_Forge and many other DS sites since 2002 so that would be a total of 13 plus years.

Participating? around two years, Lurking on blogs is another matter(like started after Discharge back in 88)

Maybe that could be a Poll Question Smile