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Photo Collage

I thought I'd do this for fun. I didn't think to try compiling "everyone" who has a profile picture in it though, that would take some time. Anyway....

I've been having fun with photo editing for awhile now and I've gotten pretty good at making something more abstract. If anyone would like, I can create/edit a picture for you for any reason. Just having a bit of fun here lol



Hey, that looks cool. I especially like that "Ohhh" cat.:P lol

That cat reminds me a lot about you for some reason XD

Nice job Mr. Lyon -- There is one major contributer who has never used an icon here but once long ago did. I always thought his icon should be a kangaroo or maybe a wombat, as a platypus would just be too silly for such a serious being.

I wanted to put Iryan and Mantella in there, but they didn't have one lol. I could expand the canvas for 3 more though if you have a recommendation

Could use two more now :P

I wonder how many people know who the various Icons belong to? Would make an interesting game. Post an icon and have people guess. I would have to opt out however.


Ooh, that would make an interesting game Smile I might do that :P

However I do not think most current players of Dungeon Siege would even know who they where and for the most part these site holders and modders of a bygone era really did not need avatars, everyone knew of them. It was only people like me that needed an avatar way back then because I was new to Dungeon Siege and the Internet. Heck I guess I am dating myself when I say I can remember a world of text based bulletin boards and 2400 baud modems.

I can put em' down lol, give me a list. I'm having fun with this :P

DrakeIsGod wrote:
I can put em' down lol, give me a list. I'm having fun with this :P

When I have time I will work on it.