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DrakeIsGod's blog

Blissful Performance

I wonder how far I can expand
Before this vessel fades
Pushing my limits
To the last parade

The stage of bliss
How will it sing?
Blindly looking ahead
The flower dies
The chaos it brings
Filters through my head

Am I to perform?
I forgot my routine
She'll have to wait
This is only a dream
Get ready
Pretend that I will scream

The audience
Such rapid sound
Frantic movement
Finally free
There was no one around


Photo Collage

I thought I'd do this for fun. I didn't think to try compiling "everyone" who has a profile picture in it though, that would take some time. Anyway....


Bustin' A Move

I made a video with my family and put it on Youtube
Just havin' fun and whatnot lol, I made this out of a bunch of pictures put together


Riddle Entry #7

1. Take one out and scratch my head
I am now black but once was red
What am I?

2. What does everyone have that he or she can always count on?

3. What can you catch but not throw?


Riddle #6

I run, yet I have no legs. What am I?


Riddle #5

What five letter English word does not change its pronunciation when four letters are taken away?


Folks At SiegeTheDay

You all wait till I'm famous, I got a present for each of you, no joke. :P



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