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Floating red damage numbers in DS2

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Has anyone ever figured out how to get rid of those floating red damage numbers in DS2?



First DS2Mod.exe work with version 2.2 & 2.3 (multilanguage)

- Inside the game: click on the ~
- Next step: must find Release Executable Readme File.htm for Dungeon Siege 2 (I have only for DS1)
- See the file attachment to get this file (only work with DSMOd.exe for DS1)
- Impossible to find the good Readme Executable for DungeonSiege2Mod.exe (sorry)
- Quest: Please somebody must to find the "Executable Readme File.htm for Dungeon Siege 2" (thanks in advance)

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That list is a good thing to have. I have never used console commands in DS, I do use them all the time in Bethesda games. I'm now trying out some of the commands.
One you should try, if you haven't already, is " bool gui " . Description = "toggle the gui (Graphical User Interface) (default gui on)". This command removes the Hud. I will now be using this quite often in my play throughs, and maybe even for making videos. Definitely for screen shots.