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Long Sleeve a1 (Chicken George)

So I was making some armor with Chicken George's long sleeve mesh. Here's my trial run:


New daggers clubs and arrows for ds1

New daggers and clubs for ds1 and some new arrows


Installing Dungeonsiege Toolkit 1.7 and the dungeonsiege II toolkit today

Installing Dungeonsiege Toolkit 1.7 and the dungeonsiege II toolkit today on windows 10...oh what fun we will have lol


Wigs and Ribbons... again *gasp*

Yet another blog about girly head wear, but this should be the last of it. Maybe. I've combined the ribbons with the wig models created by Omniscient_Colossus for the DS Revived and DS Revived LoA mods. Some are derived from existing farmgirl heads and others are a new mesh. Mod is attached.


Many Projects

I have many projects in general but also for Dungeon Siege.

I'm still figuring out how I will implement an item creation tool. I will probably use MERN stack. I have a version partially done in javaScript that outputs the template in HTML. I think it will be much nicer to generate the template file, which requires me to do it on the server-side. Alternatively, I could program it in C# for desktop. I may decide to do this for an offline version later. This is still in the works.


Rotten Ribbon Thing

Well, the good news is that there were no exception errors. I was able to use the first version of the ribbons and save the game. I deleted 1st version and put in 2nd version and reloaded the game. Peachy. I found a few minor mistakes w/ icons and such.

But I'm going to have to do the entire gas file over again, since I did something wrong. I just don't know what. So, basically a waste of two hours, plus the time creating icons and other crap. If I tear my hair out in frustration I don't think I will be able to wear a ribbon... Not peachy!


There is no ALTER_MOVE_SPEED :(

I found ALTER_MOVE_SPEED commented out by GPG in DSII. It seems to not exist and crashed my game when hovering the item. Movement speed modifiers are probably a bad idea for a party game like DSII though. Perhaps it will be easy to increase the speed of all players and monsters to match. It's a bit slow paced. However alter_cast_speed works quite well. There are also alterations for melee and ranged, which will make the game much more interesting. The only difficult part would be to beef up the monsters. There is also a serious lack of items in the game!



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