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Progress Report - Dawn of the Third Age Map

garthagain's picture

While I lost some work done on Dawn of the Third Age when my Drive E was wiped clean, all was not lost. Fortunately I did have fairly up to date bacs of the more important work.
A great deal of what I have to redo is very tedious, time consuming manual corrections on object sizing. Way back when, when initially building the map I had set the size range on many objects to extend slightly beyond the default, 1. At some point I realized this was a mistake, for three reasons;

1. Objects tend to pop out of view too soon when they are over sized, and a lot more "render proxy" gizmos have to be used.
2. Objects look better when they are a default 1, or under size.
3. The more objects set to default 1 size, the smaller the region's file size.

There were other fine tuning improvements and other things lost, I do remember most of them though.

There are some positives to having to redo things though. Second time through I'm doing some things better than I had, and, I,m coming up with more things to make the map even better.

While the initial problem that lead to Drive E being wiped clean was a Microsoft update, probably Visual Studios, the actual wiping of the drive was due to my complete lack of experience with Mirror Image Backups, and lack of sleep. I didn't know that as soon as I hit the button, the drive would instantly be wiped. There is no "Do you really want to do this?" Message. Also, I didn't know I could get and use a file recovery program until it was too late. Now I know.

I'm still aiming for a July, 2017 upload of the Map, it just won't be the 1st of July.



Great News garthagain nice to hear it will still be out in July. I will have to fire up my windows 7 computer and verify that all is working correctly. Never got DS2 and Broken World working on this lap top. Not sure if it is a lacking video processor, windows 10 or both. That is why i keep the windows 7 and windows xp machines around.