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Elys DS2BW Succubus modlet for Dungeon Siege II:Broken World

Installation & Use

Install by running the Elys_DS2BW_Succubus_v11.msi installer.

Then use the new created "Elys DS2BW Succubus" shortcut to play.

Version 11:

Game Modifications:
- Five additionals playable character races: Succubus, Vampire, Nymph, Daemon, and Drow.
- Existing races have their starting statistics modified.
- Max character level has been increased from 100 to 125.
- Passive Skills have their progression table modified and their max level increased from 20 to 25.
- Passive Skills max level with enchantment bonuses increased from 30 to 35.
- Master Powers have been added. They are represented by the 4th level of Powers.
- Max character resistance have been increased from 80% to 100%.
- Your characters will automaticly use potions when their Health Points or Mana Points are down to 33%.
- Monsters Experience and Life scales related to the players party size have been tweaked to be proportional.
- The maximum additional buyable party slots in Single Player are now available from Mercenary difficulty.
- You can now release NPC from the innkeeper. ATTENTION: This will remove permanently the NPC from the current game, and some NPC are required for secondary quests.
- Allow existing standard or "modded" characters to be playable with the modlet.

Multiplayer Modifications:
The game can be now played with a team up to 8 players and 12 characters. The followind modes are available:
8 x 1 = Up to eight players can play using only their main hero.
6 x 2 = Up to six players can play with their main hero and one additional party member or pet.
4 x 3 = Up to four players can play with their main hero and two additional party members or pets.
3 x 4 = Up to three players can play with their main hero and three additional party members or pets.
2 x 6 = Up to two players can play with their main hero and five additional party members or pets.

Interface & Inventory:
- An experimental "SeeFar Hack" slider has been added to the loader so people can play with it to enjoy far view while playing.
- The camera has been tweaked to be less restritive whatever are the internal map settings.
- Change the max gold cap in inventory from 9.999.999 to .

New Regions:
- The Pineapples Island ( You character has to chant "Pineapples Roxx" to get access to the island.)

New items :
- Angel Guard (shield)
- Ice Snake (sword)
- Lightning Sword

Special notes:
- If you are importing a character from Elys DS2 Succubus v7, all your Holy Teleporter Scrolls will be replaced by Summon Teleport Spells.
- If you are importing a character from Elys DS2 Succubus v7, v9 or V10, all your Teleporter Scrolls will be replaced by Summon Teleport Spells.
- You may notice bad textures beeing applied when you are creating a new race character. Just click "NEXT" hair or appearance, or etc to correct it. This is caused by DungeonSiege 2 saved character texture preferences which are not verified to be valid, when a modlet modify the character textures.


Crimzon Eagle, for the "Ancient Sword", the "Ice Snake" models and skins.
GraveDigger for the loading screen background.
MCarp for the "Pinneapple chest" model and skin.
Omicron for his work on the Release NPC modification.
Shocked for the Pineapples Island radar maps.

Thanks to:

- Crimzon Eagle, Dan, GraveDigger, MCarp, Omicron, Omniscient Colossus, Shocked, sjr, xmen90s .
- All the girls & guys who maintain websites and forums to make a living community and provide lot of infos.



Can someone tell me how can I get Dwarven Mug of Drink Drink Carnage?! I wanna possess that suprisingly strong weapon!? Just like Lord_Claw_II!!!

Sharkull's picture

The only "mug" I know about is "Sarah's Mug of Frothing Goodness", found by solving the mysterious mystery hidden quest in DS2:

A mod adding your "Dwarven Mug of Drink Drink Carnage" is probably what you're looking for...

Edit: not sure how your question is related to Elys' mod here... never played it myself. :blush:

its on the treasure island a google search for it

how can i use this with other mods??

Sharkull's picture

how can i use this with other mods??

For Succubus, get the latest version:
And follow the instructions (enable the check-mark in the loader).

Installing other mods is done the same way as without Elys' mod (ds2res files go into the \Resources folder...).

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