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Time to watch...

Time to watch the Soup or Bowl. Smile Smile Smile Cheer



I am sure kathycf is going "Neener, Neener, Neener bare_elf I told you Tom and New England would win."
I thought up until the 4th quarter the Rams might have a chance. Not sure why I picked the Rams since both quarter backs are local to me. I am glad to see Julian Francis Edelman got the MVP award Cheer because he made some amazing catches and runs after reception. In fact if he had not been in the game the Rams could have won.

There is always next year, and maybe the 49ers or Raiders might be in the super bowl. Okay start going NEENER NEENER NEENER bare_elf.

Just remember I believe in the impossible...


I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of

Big smile Neener! Tongue

I usually call it the "Stupor Bowl" but I think Soup or Bowl is better. The first half I was all Tired

The last ten minutes or so I felt Shock and then Party

I did not watch the post game show, but Edelman certainly deserved MVP. Next year, who knows? This was like, only the third year in a row that the Patriots went to the Super Bowl...


Yes, I know they lost to the Eagles last year. Stupid Eagles.