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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone. remember do not eat the fireworks or you will burn your tongue


Happy Valentines Day,

Happy Valentines Day, Cheer Take your special person somewhere fun. I know I am taking mine somewhere fun and well... not telling. If you do not have a special person, remember the other reason Valentines Day is famous. Tongue


Merry Christmas

Hi everyone

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday, and if Christmas isn't your thing have a wonderful day.



Actually 1/4 of any 31 day month is 7.75 days. So the 1/4 of July holiday should happen on July 8th at 6 in the evening. So I guess the founding fathers where not very good at math. Just teasing. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE.


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Migration Progress

I had a little time to mess with migration more.
I have a test site up at
It's running the latest version of Drupal and I found an import module.
It seems to have worked for almost everything..the notable exception being the forum posts..I need to figure out why.
Feel free to poke around and let me know if you notice anything missing/broken there (besides forum content).


Some new pictures

I got a smartphone fairly recently. There is a program I enrolled in called SafeLink which provides a cellphone for low income people. It's a little annoying sometimes as it insists on chirping at me and stuff. But I do appreciate having it.

This is the start up dealy.


I blocked HuiloPutin

I blocked this user because it links back to a Russian Government Web Site that takes over computers. When you are surfing the Internet do not open sites that contain the name Putin or IP address ending in
PUCK FUTIN I stand with Ukraine



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