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Do Hedgehogs hog hedges?

How Hedgehogs Got Their Name Hedgehogs got their name because of their foraging habits. Hedgehogs search through hedges looking for food and insects. As they move through the hedges, they emit hog-like sounds, hence the name ‘Hedgehog’ Number Of Hedgehog Quills Hedgehogs have between 5,000 and 7,000 hollow quills. The quills do not have barbs. So I guess hedgehogs do hog hedges when looking for a meal. Smile




Being mindless, the sea cannot think, so cannot be fooled into thinking anything untrue. Does that not mean seagulls cannot possibly gull the sea?

I do not believe that the sea being mindless can be duped or deceived by a sea bird see, but then that might only be me.