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Somewhat Strange

Throughout my simply "fascinating" life I've blundered across some weird and otherwise strange things.

The man in the before pic has made quite a change in his appearance. I had *no* idea personal trainers could make such a difference.

I've always thought of elephants as intelligent, powerful and dignified animals. So I'm not sure why someone thought it would be fun for kids to crawl through the digestive system of an elephant, and then plooof out the elephant's backside. Not to mention the slide ( a slide!!) attached to the ass end of the elephant. I would pay good money to never EVER see a child emerge from an elephant's ass and slide down to the ground. Not Dignified. At All !!.

So funnel cakes. Wikipedia says they are popular "at carnivals, fairs, sporting events, and seaside resorts." Apparently the funnel cakes in the picture aren't that popular. I don't know, maybe because they look as if they were plooofed out of an elephant?

A greeting card for a special...uh, someone...? This picture illustrates my opinion of why excessively "curly" and overly fussy fonts are just too much. Plus the fonts that make "A" look like "C" are maybe not so good. Puzzled

This is, I don't some weird sort of haiku or something. I was watching a video my boyfriend linked and then this other video was one of the ones on the sidebar. I'm sure folks who watch YouTube will know what I mean. One video links to another and then another until you find yourself in a really weird place. Well, anyway.

You need smell like weed I
don't answer questions
First Amendment Audit police owned

Obviously well the okra
front daddy
gonna cook fried out there

I don't even know where the okra came from. I had the closed captioning on and apparently someone's front daddy was going to fry up some okra. Absolutely disgusting vegetable, by the way.



I love those pictures and things you posted Kathy. that poor elephant, those funnel cakes I would flush.

Thank you Lili. I don't know how I got the word "ploof", btw. I seem to have mangled it from the word "Poosh" that you had mentioned in a pm a while ago. Apparently Ploof is a family name, according to my web search. It just seems like a funny sounding word to me.


Ploof is a very funny name for a farmer. What I have trouble with is the personal trainer who can take an overweight, bald, fat white dude and turn him into a well built black man with lots of hair.