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kathycf's blog

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday, and if Christmas isn't your thing have a wonderful day.


Hats Boots Shields

And gloves.


Clipping issues (that means YOU, catmansion dudes)

So I was thinking some more about the clipping/shield grip issue that Lili was having with her Catmansion male models. After looking at the character in various types of armor I noticed that the worst clipping was with type 1 and type 2 armor. Type 3 and 4 had no clipping since the armor lookup is different for those meshes. The was some very minor clipping with the robe model but it was the sleeves and not the gloves.

First I changed the armor lookup.


Rivers of London

I have started reading this series of books by British author Ben Aaronovitch. He also wrote episodes of "Dr Who" in the 1980s - 1990s era and quite a lot of other material.



Someone reminded me that today is Easter. We all have our own beliefs and such, but I think most of us can appreciate the joy of this Easter Bunny family. I mean, think of all the happy times those parents had creating SO. MANY. BUNNIES! Wink
Have a lovely Sunday.


Tick Tock

Time for daylight savings. Don't forget to set your clock one hour ahead.


The return of Long Sleeves...

After a brief (albeit intense) hibernation, I've decided to return to social engagement. How lucky for you! Right? uh, right? Guys?

Black Widow.



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