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CMDMod Feedback

I’m just setting this up here as another place for feedback on the CMDMod. I understand it will take a while for comments to role in, but I want to set this up before I forget so that there’s another place to write comments, questions, and suggestions.

The mod and maps can be found here:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

As a starting point they are both looking good. Could not find any conflicts with my mods. Wish there where a few more areas to explore. Some things I found disheartening where:
1. There where no female commanders in either map. I am sure this is an oversight.
2. I could find no vendors in the Fedwyrr's Ridge map.
3. The lower level combat and nature magic spells where not being sold. Not having zap, healing hands and fireshot for an entry level character or a hired commander, makes things difficult. My Primary character has all the weapons, armor and spells she would ever require. However most players start with a very basic character.

What an amazing thing to get Dungeon Siege game engine to do.

I've just spent a few minutes in the Utraean city map (Zaurask Rebellion), enough to see what it is about and that the concept works.

I don't think it has to be about a primary character at all. If I start a new game on that map with a new character, said character will be like a non-combatant civilian mayor directing the defense, whose main role will be recruiting (activating) more squads as the front line commanders collect enough gold from the attackers they kill. Secondary role for the mayor: carrying items of loot from one commander to another, or back to the vending machines to cash in. If it wasn't for that I'd be tempted to simply disband my starting character!

[EDIT] I noticed that the vending machines do sell Resurrect Scrolls but ones that have been made extremely expensive.

Care to provide a video or at least a few screenshots to give an idea about what the mod does?

Map Title: "(RTS)(PvE) The Zaurask Rebellion"
Description: "Take control of a Utraean Garrison on the outskirts of Mhakesha as you defend against endless hoardes [sic] of Zaurask."

1) Screenshot of Company A (the garrison's field troops - my name for them, not the author's) marching past their (civilian) governor in review. 6 squads (2 of archers, 2 of fighters and 2 of mages), each of a field commander plus 6 "other ranks" (4 for the mages) total count 38.

The singleton soldiers, who can also be seen, I guess will never come under the player's control, either staying at their posts or running out to maybe get killed if any attackers penetrate far enough.

2) Three of the reserve mercenary squads (lets call them Company B) down in the basement level (some of Company A can be seen upstairs in their starting positions).