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The right and wrong mask for the pandemic

As I do most days pandemic or not I either go for a run or ride my bicycle. I always carry a mask, and wear it whenever I stop around people or when I go into a shop. Most other people in my area do that as well. Some do not, but given time they will die off like people who win the Darwin Awards. However some silly people have no idea the mask should cover the mouth and nose, Saw a family wearing masks that you might wear to a costume party that covered their upper face. That looked like this: I tried to explain to them that those masks would not protect them. All they said was we are complying with the law. More contenders for the Darwin awards




If yours is an ordinary non-medical-specialist mask then it is more for keeping in the virus should you have it, unknowingly. So you are protecting the Darwin award candidates, until they succeed in killing each other, but they are doing their best to infect you, whom we do not want to lose.

It's okay. Although I wear a non-medical-grade mask when running and cycling. I have several medical-grade N95 masks in my back pack for times like these. I also make sure to stand up wind of the dumb bunnys. Thank you for your concern, but the Darwin award candidates will not get me.