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Sewer Tile Set

Tried making a sewer tile set. I got 3 / 6 pieces, and I really liked the progress I was making, but I couldn't make a corner piece. To be honest, hoping i can get someone else to do it unless I can just magically figure it out.

I know I wanted a curved edge, originally, but at this point I might even go for something else, if not just making more variations - like a curved corner, and a angled corner, a 90 degree corner. Either way, I'm honestly not seeing either come from me. I might still make a broken bridge, but that's pretty much it.

Image icon Sewer.png85.39 KB


I'm curious what type of project you are working on. Are you making these models as practice or do you have a specific goal in mind? Is the broken bridge going to be similar to the one in Ehb on the way to the crypts? Those damn fool krug, always setting bridges on fire and trying to drive over them.

Um, don't have any help to give but hopefully you will get some.

I thought I'd throw it up into an art asset / modder's reource for anyone to use. I just noticed it was one of the few places that wasn't already made by someone else.

And I dunna xD. I was thinking of it being stone, but I might make it compatible with a wooden bridge / wooden boards.