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You must have Dungeon Siege 1 installed and you must play The Realm of Kings map in multiplayer by yourself. When in multiplayer, there is a kill count. The player with the highest kill count for the week in The Realm of Kings Map will be declared the Champion for that week and will receive the CASH PRIZE from me via PAYPAL. Player/CHAMPION to receive 80 percent of total prize pool. 20 percent of prize pool is going toward increasing the size of the contest with map quality updates and new challenges. EXAMPLE: if 10 people sign up to play and pay one dollar with paypal to PayPal.Me/TheRealmofKingsMap then the WINNER/Player/Champion will receive 8 dollars to their paypal account and I will keep 2 dollars to administrate and increase the size of the contest.

ALL PLAYERS must email to a screenshot of their TOTAL kill count while in multiplayer and the player with the most kills in The Realm of Kings Map wins the prize. All players must also email me before entering and the one dollar purchase PayPal.Me/TheRealmofKingsMap must be verified by myself before the weekly contest can begin for that player.

How is the cash prize rewarded?

The cash prize will be rewarded to the player of (The Realm of Kings Map) who has the most kills while playing from the start in multiplayer mode by him/herself. Whoever has the most kills for the week will get THE TOTAL 80 percent of purse/cash 80 percent of prize for that week. There will be leaderboards here making an account each week of all players entries, earnings, kills, and more as we get started here.