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Could Use Some Help

So, even though I cannot currently play Dungeon Siege 1, there is still things I really want to add to my Ultimate Mod compilation, most notably, adding all of the canon races into singleplayer, and maybe even Elves and Dryads... but like, I tried before and it just didn't work. If you can give me a better idea, I'd appreciate it.. or just send the necessary files and, if I have to, I'll patch the new code into the previously existing files... that's one of the points of Ultimate Mod - removing arbitrary text and even some coding.


DENecro for LoA

DENecro Alpha 1 requires LoA

thought I make some evil summons for combat mages, this time with armies of skeletons and zombies...the skeleton king from diablo would be jealous!


Lili's Wolf Ears

I am currently working on a mod to go with adepts that renames the bunny ears because the nekomimi helms created by hamcat ages ago look less like bunny ears and more like dog or wolf ears. The mod will only work with cat mansion girls because of how the helmets are applied. I currently have the gas file amr_helm_wolf embedded in a copy of Adepts where I have removed amr_helm_cm.gas because other than the items names they look the same. Also because my copies of Adepts run much larger than the released version by at least 120 KB.


Lili's Wolves Alpha 4

Running around Ehb with version alpha 4 of my wolf mod and version alpha 11 of Darkelf's wolf mod. I will have to download version 12 of Darkelf's wolf mod after typing this and checking the new posts.

Screen shots near the Traveler Camp

Screen shot in outer goblin warrens


The Ultimate Mod

I know I've basically done this post before, but I wanted to post a more development-centric blog and maybe ask help for the mod.

Presently, these are the implemented changes/mods
Pixie/Fairy Fix
Increased Gold Cap

So yeah, it's not much but I'm nevertheless proud of it... but there's a lot more I need/want to do with this compilation/mod, and here they are.


Lili's Wolves Alpha 3

I decided to give the wolves real names instead of calling them Lili's Black Wolf, Lili's Gray Wolf, and Lili's White Wolf. I debated about calling one of them DOG but decided against it. They are now named Blacky, Sandy and Snowy. See if you can guess which is black, gray and white Insane

Here is the new Mod


DS2 WolfyDE Wolf Pets alpha 2.3

very early alpha build, installs in bw resources but they only available on the ds2 map pet shops, still a work in progress with lots to add, but here is the base of whats available

Alpha 2.3 - changed to a troll club, fixed the heads on a few trolls

Alpha 2.2 - added Zelia, Zorain, Zeni, and Lumina trolls



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