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Swtor Game Update 5.10.1: The Wretched Hive

I have spent the last few years playing Star Wars The Old Republic and Tuesday is patch day once again


Eventually I will create a new modding site

I suppose there is no hurry to build one. Working slowly on a CMS from scratch with MERN stack. I've decide to ditch php and wordpress altogether. I just can't stand coding in php (no offense to the language). So, I also get distracted by building simple games. Part of me also wants to create an open source ARPG in unity, lol


Time to watch...

Time to watch the Soup or Bowl. Smile Smile Smile Cheer


English Royal Wardrobe

English Royal Wardrobe - very interesting public television show. Very funny in one part about George the IV. He liked very fancy hair styles and fancy outfits. His wife was reported to have said, "It is to bad George had to be King, because he would have been a much better hairdresser." Smile



Alexis the kite

It is very windy today and with Alexis being only 64 pounds and 4'5" tall I could fly him like a kite. Smile I will not do that because I would worry about the sting breaking and my son blowing away! Think we will go swimming instead. Smile


BBCode - this is useful

This site gives lots of information about using bbcode, which is what is mostly used on Siege the Day to perform different functions, some of which are:


Font size

Small font
Big font

Colored Text


Mac and cheese is not a vegetable

No matter what my son says mac and cheese is not a vegetable. Thankfully he likes vegetable as long as they come in green and they can be eaten with peanut butter, catshup, chocolate, hot sauce, or any combo of. He likes peas and peanut butter. Celery and chocolate. Serrano or jalapeño peppers with hot sauce. Lettuce with catshup and so on. But he also says that mac and cheese is a vegetable because it has no meat in it and you can put peanut butter, catshup, chocolate and hot sauce in it. I HATE Mac and cheese!!! It is evil.



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