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A week to NOT!!!!!!!!!! repeat

I down to just my Maternal Unit as caregiver and it started Tuesday night. She was getting off of her toilet and fell to her knees( a short trip fortunately) and her refused to get it checked immediately. wed. she agreed ...finally to try on thur. well, thur. morn was resisting the idea then had to pee, Doing a standard lift(which is grasping around waist with her arms around neck) there was a VERY UNPLEASANT,UNNERVING crack, so she finally agreed to call the squad.Yep, upper left arm break (fortunately that arm is basically non-functional) a vertical fracture in the leg above the knee.


How do you make DS2TK-1.1 work with Steam?

I ask because I do not know having the game on CD and BornOfStygian is asking


(Wait, Bare_Elf is on at the same time as me??? Tongue )


Fun for Four-footed Fanged Furry Friends

Bonding with Pink Tongue


WolfeyDE DS2 a13 notes

WARNING:::Last screenshot is somewhat suggestive( a couple of my hypocritical overly religious relative would classify it obscene Shock )(I wonder what the PetSellar would pay for a Old Flame-Cotton Candy crossbreed Dwarf ) it is the best shot I have ever gotten showing Scaling with Old Flame at zero growth and Cotten Candy at 3 levels of growth.


WolfeyDE DS2 a 11, a couple of notes

A Black and White wolf for Bare_Elf Tongue

Everyone agrees we need better elevator music Laughing out loud


Some WolfyDEa10 (then on to 11)

I am running 2 parties for a total of 9!!! Wolves Evil Smile

Needless to say, the Morden are a bit unhappy(but only briefly Evil


WolfyDEds2 A8, pack #2

So I now have 2 wolf packs running Dance Big smile



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