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bare_elf's blog

Squeaky Squeaky Squish

It has been raining Krugs, Morden, Goblins and such since Sunday and it is now very early Sat. Morning.


Does anyone have a copy of the mod called Summon the Forge?

Not the one on the site here that Dark_Elf based his pet summons mod with Dog, pack rabbit and pack rat but the original one That OC did when The Forge was still active? If you do would you please let me know as it appears I have lost my copy and wanted to give it to Sara


To Merin I go

Well with a bit of rethinking and long range weapons I am on my way to Merin. :dance1:


Been wondering around Ehb, Aranna and LoU in DS2

I got killed so many times I decided to bring in my six member party that had been through Veteran level of both DS2 and Broken World, with armor and weapons that I designed that could chew up and spit out any broken world baddy and we all died on the trail to Crystwind!! Must rethink my playing style I guess. :orc: I will beat these maps too. Dwarf

lili Elf


It is not LRs fault

I just want to say that LR is not to blame for the failures...why I do not know


A Day in my life

The weather was real nice today so I rode a bike trail that I had never been on before and just kept going south until I looked at the mileage and it said 25 miles. Then I noticed it was starting to get dark, so I turned east and found a street that looked somewhat like one I had seen before and rode until I found a street I knew and turned north, buy the time I got home I had traveled 60 miles. So I took a bath, read my emails, checked on IRC to see who was awake and most where asleep so I wrote in my cycling blog and on the blog here.


Hi Kathy and everyone else.

I am sure happy that we are all still alive and kicking.



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