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Does anyone have...

I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried to create armor for DS2BW with a character level over 100?
I created some enchantable level 110 armor based on a template that works fine for level 96 and when I try to add the enchantments like ironwood timber or quicksilver oil they just bounce off the screen.

I was looking for my list of armor enchantments and can not find it does anyone have one that they either can email to me or post here?



I am back

Elf I am back and doing good. The new hand is very handy for baking (no need of pot holders or oven gloves) It is also good for playing with things that bite (yes Dog, Red and Red Too) Going to College but as yet not sure if I will end up. Thinking about working with people with handicaps since I have a few.
One is a red cap and it is very handy as it hangs in my room. Elf


It was a long cold night that followed my through the day.

I figured out how to ride my mountain bike with only one hand. The riding is easy it is getting on the silly thing with only one hand. I did a minor modification to the cap that covers the end of my arm.
A few screws, bit of angle iron, and some PVC pipe just a bit larger than the handle bar cover. Now that I can brace with this I can hop on and use my right hand for breaking and shifting the front derailer, it only gives me three gears instead of 18 but does not matter that much.
Then I took a ride for about thirty miles, (the bike computer) told me so. Why did I ride a bike 30 miles?



I just realized it is even worse than I thought. No Forge means three years of Screen Shots GONE.
I also discovered that there really where some mods of mine that existed on on the Forge.
Going to figure out a way to use my Dakota T-76 Longbow with only one hand. Then figure out a way to get
myself to Chicago with my Dakota T-76 Longbow as now I know what to go hunting for Smile

No not really, I would never kill another human but I can fantasize can't I.


Stupid Forge

The stupid forge is broken again just when I get back grrrrr


Hello from the borg

Elf says hello :goofy: to everyone
Cheer is happy to be back
Dwarf wants to play a new mod but she needs to write it :sigh:
which is kind of like a :girlwerewolf:


The Forge appears to be taking the New Years weekend off so I will ask a guestion here.

I have been working on a redesign of both Cat Mansion Girls and Boys and Cat Mansion Adepts based on these mesh changes and several armor, weapon, shield redraws and remakes. So what would people like to see in an updated Cat Mansion Adepts for DS1 or is DS1 only being played by 5 or 6 people not including me?




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