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bare_elf's blog

I have the urge to write a pamphlet

I have the urge to write a pamphlet, containing the following chapters.
Chapter 1. How to find your right hand.
Chapter 2. How to read and understand road signs for the motorist, cyclist and jogger.
Chapter 3. Multi-use trail etiquette.
Chapter 4. How to figure out your direction with no compass.


For best results...

I found this in the directions for a bottle of shampoo. FOR BEST RESULTS REMOVE CAP AND WET HAIR There are no other directions, it does not say apply what is in bottle to hair or anything else!


Tri Color

More strange tan lines, not even my left and right wrist match!



Friday was a bad day.

Some days are worse than others and this past Friday was in the top 10 of the worse days I have ever had. I started out about 9 AM to take a bicycle ride to Mountain View. Things where going well until I was forced into a curb by a car driving to close to me. This caused me to crash and scrape up my right knee. Looked like I was a little kid who tipped over the first time her training wheels where taken off. Bandaged my knee and continued on. Stopped in Shore Line Park to eat my lunch and was pooped on by a very large bird. Lunch Spoiled and both legs where purple.


Have not done much game playing of late...

Other than moderating web site and answering what questions I can I like iryan have done little playing or modding any version of Dungeon Siege. The reason is not that I am burned out so much as the lack of time. For example I have ridden my bicycle this month 253 miles. With all the other normal life things I am spending about 30 hours a day Insane before I even think about DS or sleep.


Just something funny

The Pope was visiting LA for an interfaith meeting and had to travel to San Francisco for a meeting on Global Warming. So a large black limo showed up at his hotel. The Pope smiled at the limo driver and said, "I have never driven in the United States or driven a limo, would you allow me to drive at least part of the way to San Francisco?" The limo driver said, "Sure you are the Pope so I do not think any thing bad will happen to us." About an hour later a highway patrol helicopter made the following report. There is a large limo going north on Interstate 5 at 135 miles per hour.


Got a new Camera!

Dance I got a new camera, well it is a year old, a friend was cleaning out his closet and found a box from a girlfriend he now longer has. Since it was labeled with her name he asked me if I wanted it. Thinking it might be clothes (she had excellent taste) I said sure without even opening the box. When I got home and opened the box I discovered two shirts that I gave to Abby since they where to large for me. Four pairs of running shorts (the short kind) that where just my size.



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