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boromonokli's blog

Crossbow Blood Assassins, Nerfs and problems


Before act 2, one thing was clear: LadyFemme's shop mod had to go. Mind me, it was good at helping me learn how the shops work, but it was very unsatisfying on the reagent front, too powerful on the weapons front, and unnecessary when it came to spells.


Crossbow Blood Assassins, Concept and Act 1


A while ago I played through Broken World again, taking the same Fist of Stone route with Osric that I took at my uncle when I first played the game. I was playing at my uncle too. This time it was in a full party, and everyone was re-specialized for shields. I wanted tankiness, and by Xeria I'd have it.

As usual, I have a distaste for missing out skill points from quests. EXP differences I can smooth out with time and a little effort, but permanently missing skill points? That's where I draw the line.


Full mage party: Valdis done

So, after three years of putting this off (actually, four years if we count that I started this playthrough to finally just get to Aman'lu), my mages (PC combat mage, Lothar combat mage, Deru and Taar nature mages) defeated the remaining bosses: Dark Wizard 1, Talon, Talon in the reliquary, the other dark wizards, the Archmage, and finally Valdis himself.

Now that mercenary is mostly complete (I need to do the arena and some quests specific to characters I don't use), I think it's time to summarize the ups and downs of my approach.

First, the good stuff:


Fighter Journal, page 1.

Hello all, I'm back.

This august I was forced to re-evaluate my views on game balance in unmodded DS1:LoA, after starting a fighter for "the heck of it".

It was a co-op play with my father, who rolled up a combat mage. (we both used female characters, but that's a story for another day)


where are the functions for skritters?

ds1 and 2 have a lot of hardcoded functions, and since skritter was removed and worse: Replaced by a bloody adhoster, I can't find out what functions are there in any of the games to use.

Any repository of knowledge out there? Proper documentation could easily get those who were late from the golden days into modding line.

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